Tours are featured in both Jefferson and St. Lawrence Counties!


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Join us for two sets of tours - in two different counties - on Saturday, October 3, 2015.

The Jefferson County tours are Open House style, between the hours shown with each home's listing. 

The St. Lawrence County tours are guided tours, by caravan from home to home. 

You can join in or drop off the tour wherever you wish.  You may also want to do the Jefferson County tours in the morning and trek to St. Lawrence County to catch some of those tours in the afternoon!

See instructions below for how to sign up.

Regional Green Home Tours

Jefferson County
open house format between hours shown for each site

9 am to 3 pm
Woodhenge Sustainability Campus & Community

Adams Center, near Watertown
Woodhenge is an intentional community that focuses on using and teaching self-reliance skills.  The 55-acre site is a former gravel quarry that has been recycled into the location for both experimental and conventional mortgage free structures.  The tour will include viewing cordwood, underground, recycled, timber framed, and other homes, in various stages of completion that are on the property.   Currently, the straw bale house is baled, parged and whitewashed, and the workshop is framed with rafters going on!  All of the buildings are off grid and produce the power they need with a variety of renewable technologies.
Woodhenge: The Center for the Study of Things Practical and Not So Practical. Woodhenge is an off-grid, renewable energy, alternative building and sustainable agriculture learning center in Northern NY.

9 am to 5 pm
Cronk Earthship

Adams, NY
An earthship is a type of passive solar house made of natural and recycled materials - using old tires and rammed earth, glass bottles, soda cans, soup cans and more.  The tires provide a large thermal mass which will regulate the temperature inside the house. The front of the house is glazed with glass and south facing for passive solar heat.

A water collection system will be installed to harvest rain water for house hold use. The house when finished will also have a grey water planter which will clean the grey water which will then be used to flush the toilet. Natural cooling: the tire house has 8” cooling tubes buried in the ground; these tubes are used in conjunction with skylights. Open the sky light in a given room, as the hot airs rises it pulls outside air down through the 8” pvc below the earth’s surface cooling it and bringing cool air into the house.

A labor of love since 2009 for the Cronk family, the home is nearing completion and it's a gem!  A recycled colorful bottle sparkling gem!  You'll want to see this place for the ultimate in re-purposed, natural (and cheap!) building materials that provide major insulation for comfort and entirely unique aesthetics as well.

St. Lawrence County
+ guided caravan tour format, though you may drop in or off the tour as you wish
+ your
Local Living Venture tour host is Raamitha Pillay

1:30 pm
Northern Lights Energy Residential Solar Photovoltaics
Canton/Russell, NY
This 5.28 kW grid-tie system is on the roof of the owner of Northern Lights Energy, a well-known area renewable energy contractor. It's built with 22 Suniva 240W panels (made in the USA) and a 4000W SMA Sunnyboy inverter.  This solar electric system provides all of the household electrical needs and a bit more. The goal is to make as much of their energy use as solar-based as possible. As part of that effort they switched to an electric lawnmower and installed an electrically driven heat pump water heater to replace an on-demand propane water heater.

They create hot water using solar energy during the day, and from wind power they buy off the grid at night. Modest propane use is for cooking and some heating (primarily heating with wood.)  A modest size home such a this will have a much better chance to get all its energy from solar and this home has insulation levels higher than typical homes, making it generally much more efficient to heat and cool.

2:30 pm
Red Wagon Farm On-Grid Solar Photovoltaics

near Canton, NY
Red Wagon Farm, a small local farm that produces vegetables, eggs and turkeys, is now powered by a 22,500 watt net-credit, on-grid solar system, and we couldn't be happier... so far.  We made the decision in February of 2015 to "go green" and take advantage of the incentives and tax credits which are guaranteed through 2016.  Working with Apex Solar, we decided to build a separate shed that would hold the panels and offer needed shelter for several pieces of our farm equipment.  On this tour, you will see our system, and we will share our recent experiences with the solar process.

3:30 pm
Crazy Jerry's Creative Off-Grid Retrofit Home

Colton, NY
Crazy Jerry's on tour again!  His presentation will focus on a nuts-and-bolts approach to Off-Gridding your older decrepit, non-energy star home. This home showcases some very unique items - see how some of the oldest technology simply and elegantly mingles with the new to provide the domestic amenities we love.  By the end of the tour, you'll be hot on the trail to start your very own endeavor within your skills and your budget.

-  Here's a teaser list that should get you talking:
Crazy Jerry's got "lead" and "lithium" batteries for house power and will give you the good/bad/ugly of each! There's also: in-house bicycle generator setup / the North Country's only diesel (bio-diesel) powered motorcycle (115+ mpg!) / 375rpm in-house generator-heater / sine wave inverter shootout / that bright yellow rocket-like Aurora trike you've seen whizzing through the countryside / Crazy Jerry's own custom built Urba Centurion "green"race car - from zero to 250 mpg!

Crazy Jerry says, "Make plans to come to the Home Tour - you definitely won't see any of this on TV!"


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The number in your party is important; there is a 12 person limit per session - an additional session may be added if there is overflow from the first, in the case of St. Lawrence County tours.  Jefferson County tours are open house format, though we ask that you please arrive during the hours shown for each home only please.

A free will sugggested donation of $5 per person is requested, if you are able. 

This helps defray expenses for the Local Living Venture's work within our North Country community.


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October 3rd, 2015 9:00 PM   through   5:00 PM
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