Annual Report 2016

Thank you for your interest in the Local Living Venture and our work within the community. 
Below you will find our most current Annual Report, unabridged, for your use. 
An abridged version is available upon request.

Our 2015 Annual Report can be found at this page.
Our 2014 Annual Report can be found at this page.
For previous Annual Reports (2010 - 2013), please go to this page.

Local Living Venture
~ a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization ~

Annual Report 2016



Our Vision
The Local Living Venture envisions a vibrant, capable community and a resilient regional economy in the North Country of New York State.  

Mission Statement
The Local Living Venture is working towards a resilient regional economy through community education, rural skills–building, and dynamic infrastructure development.


“Sharing Knowledge from the Past ~ Building Skills for the Future”



Staff meetings were held most Fridays at BOCES, Canton Library, Jernabi’s Coffee Shop, and the Potsdam Public Library. 

The Board of Directors Meetings were held monthly except in July and December due to travel schedules.

The Local Living Venture (LLV) Annual Meeting was held on February 17, 2016 along with a “Bulk Food Fiesta” (a new monthly gathering) at the Potsdam Presbyterian Church.
New Board members for 2016 were Jackie Bartholomew (previously an LLV Independent Contractor), Alicia Cote, and Bob Shepherd. Chelle Lindahl and Rajiv Narula continue to serve on the Board as Chairperson and Development Committee Chair respectively, with Bob Shepherd coming on board as the Secretary,  Jackie Bartholomew as Vice-Chair and Alicia Cote as the new Treasurer.

Leaving the Board in 2016 was co-founder Melinda Ely for family and health reasons. She has been missed.

There was a LLV Board Retreat held on August 8, attended by all five Board members. 

A small laptop was purchased from Amazon for LLV use by staff members.

The LLV was the lead agency on RVRDA grant application submitted on April 15 via the St. Lawrence County Planning Office.

The LLV was awarded the Growing Community Award for 2016 from GardenShare, celebrated on Saturday, January 28 at the TAUNY Center.  A citation for the LLV from the NYS Assembly was a bonus recognition shared at the event.


Human Resources

Melinda resigned her position as Treasurer and Board member on January 29 due to health concerns. 

Alicia Cote was elected to the Board of Directors as the new Treasurer in February.
Krystal White was unable to continue as the Education & Outreach Facilitator
due to other work commitments as of March and Chelle Lindahl stepped in to organize Summer events and workshops. Krystal remained on as the email coordinator another two months; however, with fewer hours.

Angie Foster started September 6 as the Education and Outreach Facilitator for the LLV, previously she had fulfilled a contract role as Children's Events Coordinator for the 2013 Local Living Festival.
Donna Dilworth left the position as primary Project Organizer on July 1 after nearly three years of service, Laurel Balog started work as the Project Organizer on July 8.
A new position of a second Project Organizer has been approved by the Board of Directors, to create specific LLV projects and learn all of the functions, in order to back up our Independent Contractor pool.
A Local Living Venture Team Appreciation Party was held in December in celebration of volunteers and staff contributions.

Appreciation plaques were given to Melinda Ely and to Donna Dilworth for their dedication and service to the LLV.



The annual reporting requirement for IRS Form 990 was filed on February 19.
The LLV is being included as a community partner in a USDA Grant entitled: Community Food Project "Improving Access of Low-income Individuals to Local Food: Enhancing the Local Food System in Saint Lawrence County."  There is no financial obligation for the LLV.  This is as part of our participation in the Local Foods, Local Places initiative's ongoing committee work.

A two year contract of renewal was signed for the Adopt-A-Highway strip of Route 68 straddling Flackville, NY.



Income: $10,791.00

Income sources listed below:

Gross Workshop Income: $3,325.00

Grant Income: $0   

Donors: $6,734

Donation/Outreach/Benefit Income:  $592

Raffle Sales: $50

Merchandise Sales: $90


Expenses: $12,126.84

$ 7,971.00 LLV contract labor

$ 0 workshop venue rental 

$ 184.22 workshop materials 

$ 98.00 workshop advertising

$ 57.96 event materials

$ 280.00 meeting venue fees

$ 290.00 membership dues

$ 341.36 conference fees

$ 50.00 outreach booth rental

$ 250.13 insurance

$ 216.34 for website host renewal

$ 495.00 storage unit rental

$ 48.92 office supplies

$ 72.00 post office box

$ 56.40 postage

$ 100.00 grant expense

$ 45.05 raffle expense 

$ 92.51 publicity

$ 300.00 performance bonuses

$ 226.83 team appreciation

$ 574.83 petty cash reimbursements

$ 136.98 organization equipment

39.31 organizational printing

$ 200.00 donation expense


Beginning Balance January 1, 2016:  $7,379.01

Ending Balance December 31, 2016: $4,348.06


Dedicated Funds

The only Dedicated Fund in 2016 was the Bee Co-op, the final report is below. 

This fund is now closed out and the proceeds blended with the general fund.


Bee Co-op Income:

Co-Op Order - $1,667.00

Nucs - $2,417.00

Packages - $1,516

Total Income - $5,600


Bee Co-op Expenses: 

Nucs - $4,270

Packages - $1,103.11

Total Expenses - $5,373.11


Bee Co-op Net Proceeds $226.89 for administrative expenses


Total in ongoing Dedicated fund accounts: $0

Expenditures: $0

Balance of Fund (Donations): $0 (included as Donation Income above)



There were many fundraising projects in 2016.

A fundraising appeal was sent out in May to all on our mailing list resulting in $745.

Brookmar Advised Fund donated the pledged $5000 for 2016.

There are a number of grant opportunities that the LLV is looking into. 

Jackie assembled framed prints to auction off benefiting the LLV.

Bob Shepherd sought donation of services from storage rental businesses. 

Fundraising Ultra-Light Canoe Workshop (with Will Sommerfield of Paddler's Workshop) is in the works for Spring 2017. The participants will build a canoe in the workshop; the LLV will sell raffle tickets for the canoe with a goal of $5,000.00 income to support LLV programming.

Build a Rocket Stove for Summer Kitchen Workshop (with Ed Goldstein)  happened June 11. The participants built an outdoor cook stove in the workshop; the LLV sold raffle tickets for the stove. The stove was raffled off at an LLV event on August 19, the winners were Marie and Troy Pearson (who were also workshop participants in building it!)  The raffle only netted $4.95 after unanticipated outreach expenses, though the workshop income to build it was $282.00.

There was a Benefit House Concert for the LLV on Saturday, Nov. 12, which raised $130.

A Facebook Event was created to help fundraise for the LLV through Amazon Smile.

RVRDA Grant was not approved. Further discussion of "what now" with John Tenbusch of the Planning Office has not occurred.

A proposal from Mike Owen on food waste redistribution as potentially a part of the ReUse project is awaiting his pilot project results.  For general consideration the LLV supports the inclusion of this project in the overall ReUse project we are a part of, but at this time with no financial liability.


Sponsors and Donors

2016 Major Donors: Brookmar Donor Advised Fund of the Northern New York Community Foundation: $5000


2016 Annual Appeal

Many generous communities members contributed to the annual appeal which raised $745 for Local Living Venture programming. 


In Kind Donations

Total Merchandise Value: $1,557.26  
Total Mileage Value: 766 miles, $413.64 value

In-kind Contributions, General:
Mary-Ann Cateforis: $130 as an in-kind membership/subscription to Seed Savers Exchange

Miles Manchester: Panasonic LCD Projector with remote control and carrying case estimated at $175 

Evans & White: $100 in kind donation of paint & supplies  

Thomas Mellan:  2 older projection screens, no value assessed.

Bango Valley Percherons  (Tim and Cindy and Melissa Bango): horse and cart services for Dairy Princess Parade valued at $500

Martin's Farmstead: $45 retail value of winter vegetables for October Bulk Food Fiesta

Nature’s Storehouse: $219.74 in provisions for 7 monthly gatherings

Potsdam Food Co-op: $324.52 “in provisions for various monthly gatherings and food-related workshops.

Pamela Maurer: $20 food purchase for Bulk Food Fiestas

Carol Simpson: $26 kerosene, $2 on purchased materials for workshop venue
Robin McClellan: Generously hosted a House Concert benefit, no value assessed.

Mileage In-kind Donations from Volunteers: (record keeping began last quarter 2016)

Valued at the federal reimbursement rate of $0.54/mile.
Stephanie Bolesh: 50 miles, $27.00

Raylene Breckenridge Spriggs: 220 miles, $118.80

Pamela Maurer:  25 miles, $13.50


Mileage In-kind Donations from Board Members:  (record keeping began last quarter 2016)
Valued at the federal reimbursement rate of $0.54/mile.

Bob Shepherd: 198 miles, $106.92

Chelle Lindahl: 69 miles, $37.26 - not reflective of majority of the driving done by her on our behalf.

Alicia Cote: 160 miles, $86.40

Jackie Bartholomew: 22 miles, $11.88

Rajiv Narula: 22 miles, $11.88



Resourceful Living / Rural Skills Workshops / Information Exchanges

In 2016, the Local Living Venture offered 58 workshops and events attended by approximately 741 people.
Generous community presenters donated their time to support the community and the Local Living Venture in these endeavors.

Evaluation results polled very strongly positive from attendees. (Available by request.)


Bulk Food Fiesta * Skill Share * Make and Take, 6 events were held with 110 attendees

Bees & Bee Keeping Discussion Group, 11 monthly meetings, 258 attendees

Simple Living/Homesteading Exchange & Potluck, 4 events, 63 attendees  

Fruit School: Pruning Your Apple Trees and Other Orchard Fruits - Hands-On, March 19, 22 attendees

Home Made Herbal Preparations - How To,  April 3, 19 sign ups
Orchard Exchange Discussion Group, April 6, 6 attendees

Probiotics: What, Why and How, April 16, 16 sign ups
Start Your Garden Seedlings Indoors & Learn How to Transplant, April 24, 9 sign ups, (Postponed until May 11)
Orchard Exchange, May 4, 2 attendees
Wild Leek and Spring Edibles Romp, May 7, 22 sign ups
Shiitake Fundamentals Make-n-Take: From Spawn Runs to Soup Recipes,  May 7, 8 sign ups
Start Your Garden Seedlings Indoors & Learn How to Transplant, May 11, 10 sign ups
Monthly Meet Up – Making LLV Dairy Princess Float Signage, May 18, 9 attendees
Composting Made Simple for Garden and Home Food Waste, May 21, 7 sign ups
Playing With Fire: Rocket Stove Build for a Summer Kitchen, June 11, 14 sign ups

Field Day & Hands-On Learning at Squeak Creek Apiaries, July 5, 4 attendees

Field Day & Hands-On Learning at Squeak Creek Apiaries, July 8, 4 attendees

Bee Hive “Mite Intensive” & Hive Inspection Field Day, August 6, 9 attendees

Wellesley Island LLV Potluck + Food Forest Tour, September 17, 12 attendees

Composting Made Simple, September 24, cancelled

Full Ferment: Making Sauerkraut, October 15, 12 attendees 

Woodland Botanical Wreaths * Make-n-Take, October 22, 5 attendees 

The 'World is Your Oyster' Mushroom: Simple Techniques For Growing Oyster Mushrooms In Your Home, November 5, 14 sign-ups 

House Concert Benefit for  Local Living Venture, November 12, 15 attendees

Fruit School * Establishing Your Plantings Edition, November 16, 22 sign-ups

Essential Oil Essentials, November 19, 7 sign-ups  

Bees: Wrapping your Bee Hives for Winter, November 19, cancelled

Rocket Mass Heater * Seasonal Inspection & Firing, November 20, 4 sign-ups

Tools for Reducing Stress, December 3, 11 sign ups
Mindful Meditation, December 10, 21 sign ups

Beginning Brewing, December 10, 11 sign ups  

LLV Volunteer Appreciation Gathering, December 15, 15 attendees

Note:  Attendees designation reflects an open, non-RSVP event whereas the Sign-ups designation reflects an event with the LLV reservation system in effect.


Local Living Festival Planning

Local Living Festival Meeting Inner Circle, September 7, 6 attendees (included in total above)

Local Living Festival Kickoff Public Meeting Monthly Gathering September 21, 7 attendees (included in total above)


Special Projects 

The St. Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce webinar series collaborated with the LLV t0 present "Press Releases That Produce Results: Media Management Tips & Skills" by Chelle Lindahl, December 7

Bee Package Order: LLV organized a cooperative order to restock the hives of 35 local beekeepers.  The LLV took orders throughout February and March. We ordered a total of 77 nuc's and 17 packages of bees. Don Matheson picked up package bees April 23 in Pennsylvania. Mark Berninghausen picked up nuc's in Pamelia, NY on May 9.   This LLV-coordinated buying co-op restocked 94 hives in the region, providing over a half million of the valuable pollinators with new homes!

The Fruit School Bulk Fruit, Nut & Berry Ordering Co-op placed it's first order in December, in conjunction with David Rice of SweetCore Farm.


Planning for a special Pollinator Project has begun for the Fall of 2017.  The LLV learned that ADK Action is planning a similar event for the Summer of 2017; they have been contacted regarding potential collaboration, expanding the ADK Action’s Pollinator Project into St. Lawrence County in the Fall of 2017.  This needs to be approved by the LLV Board if it is agreeable to Adk Action and their partners to assist us in doing so; they are meeting mid-January 2017.


Chelle has responsibility to coordinate the trade show booth for the NY Small Scale Food Processor's Assn. at the NOFA Winter Conference on January 20-22 and has put in many hours in her role on the Membership Committee of that organization this month, for the trade show and to send their annual member renewal letters.


Roadside Clean-Up, Nov. 19, 11 people from Delta Sigma Kappa participated in the LLV's Adopt-A-Highway 2 mile stretch along route 68 near Flackville.


Outreach Events and Presentations

NOFA Conference, Saratoga Springs, NY, January 23 & 24

Clarkson University Wellness Fair 3/1

Norwood-Norfolk Health Fair, 3/12

Sustainability Social, Potsdam, 4/

SUNY Potsdam’s  Health and Wellness Fair, 4/20

North Country Folk Festival, SLU, 4/24

Dairy Princess Parade – booth display along with 5 mini workshop and a large Parade contingent, 6/4

Mare's Wares, Morristown - cancelled participation due to weather 7/1

Potsdam SummerFest, Potsdam, 7/15 & 16

Canton Rotary Club, Best Western Canton, Chelle Lindahl presenter, 8/1

Faeland Fairy Festival, Gouverneur NY, 8/19 & 20

Clarkson Volunteer Fair, Potsdam NY, 8/29

Power & Equipment Museum, Madrid 9/3

TAUNY Open House Tabling, Canton, 9/15

STOMP Student Festival, Canton, 9/17

SUNY Potsdam Community Health Program - Intern Speed Dating, Potsdam, 9/28

Clarkson University Associated Colleges Sustainability Day, Potsdam, 9/30

Hop into Service Day at SUNY Canton, Canton, 9/30

Adirondack Rural Skills & Homesteading Festival, Paul Smith’s Visitor Interpretive Center, 10/1
Local Living Venture year-end Team Appreciation Party, 12/17

An LLV promo display was shared at the AAUW Annual Meeting, 11/15


Media, Advertisements and Communications

The LLV Newsletter mailing list grew to 3,251 households in 2016

Dedicated group mailing lists also grew, most notably the Beekeeping list grew to 236 households

The LLV Facebook Page grew to 1,087 'Likes' in 2016
53 Press Release & Calendar submissions 

19 Event Newsletter e-mailers

29 Small or topic-specific e-mailers


LLV renewed ads for the Spring and Fall 2016 Cinema 10 season poster.


Links to Media Stories Jody Tosti of B99HitsFM interviewed Chelle on March 4 (5 min.) about the event, "Bulk Food Fiesta: How to Cook Beans and Grains," on 3/16.  The story aired on March 16, 2016.


New LLV Website Pages

Ticks * Protection Primer,  RAFFLE!,  Past LLV Events 2016, Re-Use Projects, Annual Report 2015



3/4  Jody Tosti of B99 HitsFM interviewed Chelle on March 4, 2016; the story aired on March 16, 2016. (link above)

LLV was working with Cinema 10 and GardenShare to show The Seer in September, but the movie was unable to be screened because it is being revised and will not be released until 2017
Greenhorns (LLV is media partner for Power North Festival)

8/24  LLV signed up for an information listing on the SUNY Canton website.

9/18  LLV added a free 50 word promo to the NY Small Scale Food Processor's Assn. (NY-SSFPA) website

9/20  LLV promoted the LLF Public Kick-off on Facebook

9/21  LLV "boosted" (an advertisement on Facebook) the Composting Made Simple workshop's event page
8/19  LLV Sponsor (in-kind) for Faeland Fairy Festival, Gouverneur NY, Aug. 19 & 20

10/4  Jackie Bartholomew and Carol Simpson are working on a logo for LLV merchandising

10/11 LLV was featured in a Press Release by SLC Chamber of Commerce - LLV presented a ceremonial check for membership for their new “non-profit rate”, created at the behest of the LLV

11/3  Upcoming LLV workshop information was sent and a relationship formed with Brittany Hastings Jenks, Editor, Morning Ag Clips, LLC

11/7  LLV Food and Agriculture related events are now being promoted in the daily newsletter, Morning Ag Clips

11/29  The Potsdam Computing Center will advertise the LLV events that will be held at the PCC in their calendar
12/7  Press Releases That Produce Results: Media Management Tips & Skills - presented by Chelle Lindahl of the LLV


Social Media

On June 7 the goal of 1,000 Facebook 'Likes' was reached. 
A prize of various LLV merchandise and free workshop admission was awarded to the 1,000th person, Bee Group member
Maureen Moose.
Facebook 'Event' Pages:

58 LLV workshops and gatherings were represented by LLV Event pages.
Other Event pages created include the following:

Add A Smile For the LLV (AmazonSmile) promotion

Local Living December Events!

Local Living Workshops and Events! (November)

Local Living Festival Kick-off!

Homestead Marketplace Post

Countdown to 1,000 Facebook LIKES for LLV!

Join our Parade Contingent in Potsdam!

Celebrating 1,000 Likes for the Local Living Venture Facebook Page

JOIN IN! LLV Float Contingent & Booth in the Park * Dairy Princess Parade 

Yet More Fun Sign Making * LLV Dairy Princess Float Contingent

LLV on Parade! Sign-making for Dairy Princess Parade


Information/ Action Requests
44 requests for information:
8 requests for networking
2 requests for letters of recommendation & reference
3 requests for letters of support (grants, etc.)

19 requests to publicize events
3 requests for speakers
3 requests for volunteer 

3 requests for website posting

3 miscellaneous requests

All requests granted to the best of our ability.


Resources Shared 

The Local Living Venture endeavors to share useful resources we encounter with other groups and individuals for which we have dedicated mailing lists, such as local farms, beekeepers, renewable energy, beer brewers, etc.
2 Beekeeping Resources

6 Farm Resources

2 Orchard Resources

2 Resources

5 Reuse of Food Resources

11 Miscellaneous Resources


Public Feedback

Numerous people gave the LLV feedback in 2016:

Melvin Martin wrote expressing gratitude for the Bulk Food Fiesta & Annual Meeting event.

Michael Balonek wrote expressing excitement about the revival of the Homesteading Exchange & Potluck Gatherings.

Catherine Moore of Cornell Cooperative Extension Association of Jefferson County left a phone message thanking the LLV for help with the new CCE Bee directory, stating that the LLV's input is invaluable and she appreciates that we offer ongoing support.

Pam March gave lots of positive feedback at the  March 16 Monthly Gathering: Bulk Food Fiesta (cooking beans.)

Al LaValley took the pruning workshop twice. He noted got so much out of the first workshop he came to the workshop again.

Ling Wu wrote “I am proud of you for what you have been doing” and that her participation in the Dairy Princess Parade “was a great day.”

Pat Sibbitts: “You have some wonderful classes coming up!!”

Phil and Sally Nuffer found the Pruning Workshop “very informative... David was very helpful and we are very happy we attended.”  

Sandee Sanford: “Thank you for all LLV does.  Your work is very much appreciated.” 

Catherine Friot was happy with her “2 for 1 price” to attend the Rocket Stove workshop (since they are regular event attendees).

Sister Bethany Fitzgerald thanked LLV for sharing our “wonderful” events.

Alison Clarke  wrote: “Marvelous agenda as usual,” referring to a LLV events mailer.

Fran Kearfott wrote: “This is some exciting stuff!” referring to a LLV events mailer.

Stephanie Bolesh wrote referring to a Bulk Food Fiesta: “Thanks for the nice evening and for helping my children to volunteer.”

Wreathmaking workshop Presenter Carol Simpson wrote:  “Can't tell how happy I am with having done the much fun to be with people I could share my joy with and to see the differences between each of their creations.(and from my own)  The creative energy was so strong...I loved it! There is nothing more heart-filling then to share what you love!  I wish I could do it every day! I am so grateful for the opportunity Local Living provided.”

Cindy Edwards in reference to the Oyster Mushroom Workshop: “Just wanted to Thank You so much for having this workshop available to the public, education along with getting right into the mixture hands in. That's all he (her husband) talked about for hours, and how rewarding it was to get the knowledge from spores in petri dishes to seeing the real thing. Thank you for the opportunity for this lasting experience....he was a happy high man!!! Highly recommended!!!”

Alison Clarke: “Again you hit it out of the park!” in response to the LLV events mailer.

Ani Drubgyudma wrote in response to the LLV events mailer: “Thank you for the updates, and all that you are doing! With all the best wishes, and blessings for the holidays.”

In reference to the Rocket Stove workshop, Tim Damon said, “Great job at the workshop today! Thanks again.”

Several Community members wrote to congratulate the LLV on winning GardenShare's Growing Community Award.

Carol Simpson wrote to tell the LLV that she was happy to see one of her participants from the wreath making workshop selling her own creation of grapevine wreaths. Carol also stated “...and we can plan on play dates when the weather gets good again!  So excited!”

There was an inquiry about attending a workshop on a sliding scale basis, but also it was noted that they do value the workshop and prep time it takes. We responded positively with many options for low or no-cost participation in our events.

Dana Denhoff wrote: “...keep them coming!” in reference to the LLV events mailer.


Conferences and Webinars

NOFA Conference, Saratoga Springs, NY, January 23-24

Enterprising Nonprofits Webinar, February 23

“Creating and Using Video for Marketing" Webinar, March 2

Home Grown Food Summit, web event, March 7-13

Fourth Reuse Webinar in Series - Stuck on Reuse!? -  Resources for Making it Work, March 24

Using Analytics to Improve Your Website - From Keywords to Clicks, Part One Webinar, April 6
NIFTI/CFP Leadership Development Webinar, April 6

14th Annual North Country Symposium “The Many Faces of Entrepreneurship: Creating a Supportive Environment”, St. Lawrence University, April 25

How to Evaluate Economic Benefits of Local Food Systems Webinar, April 28

From Keywords to Clicks (part 2) – St Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce Webinar, May 4

Nonprofit Leadership Seminar: "Building a Successful, Sustainable Organization: Fundraising and Beyond", Schroon Lake, NY, Chelle and Alicia attended, June 12

Self Reliance Summit, online, June 13-20, Chelle attended.

CCE Kitchen Committee of the Local Foods Local Places Initiative, Chelle attended, June 7

2016 Common Ground Alliance, Old Forge NY, July 19. Signed up Basia Parham and Chelle Lindahl but had to cancel due to car trouble. 

Business in the Spotlight, a County Chamber event, Waddington, Chelle attended, August 23

Marketing with Facebook: Reaching Your Target Customer, webinar, September 7 

NYSSFPA state-wide Board of Directors meeting Conference Call, September 8

NY Citizen Preparedness Training Program, Potsdam, September 9

Business in the Spotlight, Heuvelton, September 22 - not attended because Chelle Lindahl was sick.

Sustainable Development & Collaborative Governance, Lake Placid Conference Center, October 6 

Social Media Marketing: Using Instagram for Business, webinar, October 12

"The Power of the Inbox" Women's Business Bootcamp, SUNY Canton, October 19

Mother Earth News Grow Network Webinar, October/31-November 6

Mother Earth News Grow Network Webinar, November 1-6

NESAWG It Takes A Region Conference 2016, Hartford CT, November 10-12

Outcomes Oriented Webinar, November 30

Creating High-Functioning Nonprofits: Who Should Have What Financial Information? Webinar, November 30


Community Events Attended (Official recording started in Oct 2016)

SPARX Presentation to Canton Municipality, 2/3
Potsdam Co-op's Annual Meeting, Board Election, and Potluck, 2/9
SUNY Potsdam Site Supervisor’s Brunch and “Speed Dating” event, SUNY Potsdam, 2/22

Reception for Assemblywoman Addie Jenne Russell, Hoot Owl, Canton, 10/5

Annual Dinner of Cornell Cooperative Extension of St. Lawrence County & American Dairy Association, Best Western University Inn, Canton 10/13

TAUNY 24th Annual Salute to North Country Heritage, Canton, 10/16

National Bioenergy Day, Curran Renewable Energy, 10/19

Annual Chamber Dinner, SUNY Potsdam, 11/3

AAUW's Woman of Change, SUNY Canton, 11/5

M.Ed. Thesis presentation by M. Filippi, St. Lawrence University, 12/14


Partnerships and Collaborations

Adirondack Flavor & Fragrance Farm

Adirondack North Country Association (ANCA)
Arielle Acres
Brookmar Advised Fund

Cinema 10

Committee of the Local Foods Local Places Initiative

Cornell Cooperative Extension of St. Lawrence County, Commercial Kitchen Implementation

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Jefferson County

Cornell graduate student Ellie Andrews (discussed her dissertation research with bee group)
Development Authority of the North Country 

Finger Lakes ReUse Center

Greenhorns (as media partner for Power North Festival)

Habitat for Humanity St. Lawrence Chapter

Hometown Foods

Jenna Joya Blondel

Little Grasse Foodworks, CSA

Local Foods Local Places Steering Committee (community based initiative)

Nature’s Storehouse

New York Small Scale Food Processors Association (NYSSFPA)

North Country 350 Alliance

Northeast Recycling Council, Inc (NERC)
Old Market Farm

Potsdam Food Co-op & Carriage House Bakery

Rainbow Crabtree, Doula Services
St. Lawrence County Environmental Management Council (EMC)

St. Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce

St. Lawrence County Human Services

St. Lawrence County Planning Office

St. Lawrence ReUse Center coalition
St. Lawrence University’s Green House, North Country Folk Festival 

Sweet Core Farm

United Helpers Sustainability Committee, Local Living Festival Partner

Value Added Institute (VAI) 

Village of Canton Economic Development Steering Committee  (2015 Canton Community Action Plan identified the LLV as a community stakeholder)

Village of Canton - Sustainability Committee

Wild Center, Tupper Lake (bees for demo hives)
Woodhenge Sustainability Campus


St. Lawrence ReUse Center
The ReUse coalition, charged with creating a ReUse Center in St. Lawrence County, consists of representatives from ten regional organizations and agencies, as well as participation from area universities.
The LLV agreed to serve as lead agency on the St. Lawrence River Valley Redevelopment Agency Grant which was written and submitted by the
St. Lawrence County Planning Office on April 15.  The ReUse Center grant effort was a collaborative effort with the St. Lawrence County Planning Office, Development Authority of the North Country, Northeast Recycling Council, Inc., and the Village of Canton Economic Development Office.  The grant proposal was to fund technical assistance to create a ReUse Center platform.  The RVRDA grant was denied funding.

Local Foods, Local Places Initiative
The Village of Canton’s Sustainability Committee was one of twenty communities nationwide to gain a "grant" of technical assistance to plan and implement a two-day workshop in June 2015, culminating in a plan of action for a healthier local food system. The LLV took part in the workshop and has continued, along with many other local organizations, on a steering committee that has formed to move the project forward in 2016 on a County-wide basis.


Volunteers and Interns

Volunteer and Interns: 3,499.75 Total Volunteer Hours

Coordinator Volunteer Hours: 2,309.25 (2,294.25 hours Chelle Lindahl + 15 hours Melinda Ely) included in breakdown below.

Workshops: 655.5 hours

Outreach: 335.25

Conferences/Webinars: 130.75

Events Attended: 13.25

Meetings: 296.25

Administrative: 1839.25

LLF 2017 Planning: 28 hours

Presentations: 23.5 hours

Miscellaneous: 178


Total Number of Volunteers in 2016:  213 


Future Plans

  • The Local Living Venture will continue to develop and offer the successful Resourceful Living Skills Workshops to the North Country public in the upcoming year.
  • Continued engagement and collaboration with varied community organizations and agencies is a priority of the LLV, in the past and moving forward.
  • We will continue hosting community-building gatherings for facilitated discussions, skill-sharing, work parties and seasonal events.
  • Local Living Festivals are not being scheduled at this time, though there has not been any discussion about discontinuing the event.
  • Options are still being explored for development of the Homestead Learning Community, the Local Venture Center and North Country Native Botanical Gardens. Land acquisition and potential partnerships for same have so far been fruitless, but we have renewed drive for development in 2017.
  • New in 2016: We are inspired by the idea of partnering for land with veterans farming groups and are pursuing this idea in 2017.

The Local Living Venture’s ultimate goal is acquisition of a multi-use campus for:

1.  Homestead Learning Community (HLC)
To assist the next generation of farmers, foresters, renewable energy workers, builders, and homesteaders. To include a residential campus focusing on classes and demonstrations of rural and homesteading skills in several areas of concern, to include:
      Farming / Gardening / Food
      Renewable Energy
      Healthy Hearth and Forestry
      Green Building
      Homesteading Skills

2.  North Country Native Botanical Gardens
Demonstration pavilions for rural skills as part of the larger self-guided botanical garden experience, created and staffed by students from the HLC and by volunteers.

3.  Local Venture Center
The modern “grange hall” and more, to include our current Resourceful Living Skills Workshop programming as well as a meeting and community space for many community projects, such as a tool lending library, a meeting/conference and retreat setting, food processing incubation and many other community-building and entrepreneurial endeavors, as evolves organically and on an as-needed basis within the larger community.

Your generous contributions of time, monetary contributions, or useful goods or assets can help our small community group excel even further! 
With a small staff, and your support, we make big things happen!

Local Living Venture
~ a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit organization ~

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