Changes are afoot for the LLV!

Hello Friends!

You may have noticed you haven't received one of our Local Living Venture workshop event emails in a while!  We've taken a hiatus - they will come back eventually, though not at the rate of 60 per year!  In the meantime, we're looking at ways to make the LLV more sustainable.    

We wouldn't exist but for the 50 to 90 hours a week of volunteer labor that it took to sustain such a wonderful workshop load.  After nine years, some of us can't keep that up.  Our workshops are the thing that give us the greatest joy in life, but it comes at a price, and workshop fees have never covered general expenses for the organization - even though we get by on a minuscule budget of only $15,000 a year.  If not for the generosity of our Board Chair's volunteerism and a special shout out to our many volunteer presenters, none of these often amazing workshops would have happened over the past nine years as well!

We're still going strong, but re-thinking our model.  We are maintaining our beekeeping and pollinator programs, the Renewable Energy & Green Home Tours (May 11!), our collaborative committee work with many other good groups, and our co-sponsorship of wonderful events like the upcoming Green Living Fair in Canton on April 20.

We are in the process of recruiting new Board members, to bring some new vision and energy to our venture - is this something you'd be interested in?  We do particularly need a Treasurer, which is set up to be a lot easier than it sounds!  There are many ways in which you can engage though, and we hope you'll consider joining the team.  We'd love to hear from you at if you might be interested!

Your support, love, and participation is what has made the Local Living Venture thrive for all of these years - and we look forward to our second decade as a community resource and center for life-long learning in the North Country!

Big hugs from all of us!


Chelle, Rajiv, Jackie, Raamitha, and Dan

for the Local Living Venture team
a 501(c)(3) educational community based non-profit coordinated entirely by volunteers.

With a small staff, and your support, we make big things happen!

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