Donations Appreciated

It's true!  As a small, community-based, volunteer-run organization with a small staff and limited funding, we depend on the generosity of our friends and neighbors to help us create the wonderful programming we hope you enjoy!
Our Annual Reports show an overview of our finances, if you're interested.

Thank you for your kindness in supporting the Local Living Venture!


Please send checks to 
Local Living Venture
PO Box 736, Canton, NY 13617

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Note: This is through PayPal, but you do not have to have a PayPal account - on  the page that appears after clicking the link above, please indicate the amount of your donation at the top of the page, then select the option to use your credit card (effectively as a "guest") on the lower left of that page, which will bypass having to set up an account.
If you have any questions, or have trouble accessing Pay Pal, please contact us at (315) 347-4223 or

Many thanks for your generosity!
We do quite a lot with very little, and we do depend on you to help us make our programming happen.

Financial Contributions (see above)
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There are many ways that you can contribute, as elaborated below (please also see information about Volunteerism!)
Thank you for your generosity!


                   DONATE GOODS OR SERVICES
    ^  Maybe you have goods or services that we can use, that will SAVE us time or money --this is such a useful option!   Write us here and let us know what you're thinking about contributing please.
                                                                   See  our  Wish List  here!

                    DONATE EVER-USEFUL FUNDS      (see Major Sponsorship below as well)
    ^  If parting ways with a few good ol' American (or Canadian!) dollars is the easiest way for you to go, then by all will certainly be quite helpful to us and we graciously accept your kind generosity. Please do note the options for tax-deductible donations versus regular donations, noted below.

Please make checks payable to 
Local Living Venture
PO Box 736 Canton, NY 13617

Donate using a credit card
Note: This is through PayPal, but you do not have to have an account - see the instructions provided with the PayPal link at the top of this page.

   ^   Please let us know.  We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit.
A tax deduction receipt letter will be sent to you promptly for your records.


      Please make checks payable to "Local Living Venture"at P.O. Box 736, Canton, NY 13617
Please click this link to view our Major Donor Levels and Benefits


    A tax deduction receipt letter will be sent to you promptly for your records, if donations are received after the 501 status allows.
 Please contact us at your convenience ( to become a Sponsor or for more information.  
Thank You.
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    ^  Our website, Festival Program and social media are all places we "share" with non-profits and businesses.
Be in touch about what opportunity might suit you best at


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Local Living Venture &  Local Living Festival
   315.347.4223 (main)
Melinda Ely -- Major Giving / Sponsorship
PO Box 736   Canton, NY   13617

The Local Living Venture is managed entirely by dedicated volunteers
with over 300 years combined experience in directed and positive community service