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FOR SALE: posted 12/7/2016
Homestead For Sale * Copenhagen, NY
Comfortable off-grid living
Solar, rocket mass heater, outbuildings
Surrounded by State land!
1255 Pinckney Road Copenhagen, NY
62.6 acres, mostly wooded, semi cleared around the two camps with a 3 year old year-round solar camp, overlooking a creek, 1100 sq ft., open floor plan, 1 bedroom, his and hers closets, nnotty pine tongue and groove with solid cherry trim.
Front camp is sold as is, could be brought back to livable for rental or second family camp.
Located on four-wheeler road, groomed snowmobile road in winter.
No neighbors, state land all the way around. Deer, turkeys, lynx, grouse and bear all call this area home.  Hunt your own land, or the thousands of acres of state land that surround it.

2 creeks run through property, the main camp overlooks one of them.
3 wells on property, 1 drilled for primary home, 2 dug wells (not used)
900 gallons water storage, pressure tank and new jet pump
new pump in well
main camp is wired for 110 and runs on solar and back up generator
24 volt system with 4 batteries, generates plenty power
septic and flush toilet
on demand hot water heater
pebble style rocket mass heater keeps us nice and warm while using lots less firewood
propane cook stove
antique wood cook stove (not piped through roof yet)
kitchen has big pantry unit plus lots of storage space
refrigerator and freezer
dish TV service installed

This place has everything needed to make life comfortable for you. We lived year round there for 4 winters. We did all the work building the home and harvesting our firewood, lots of work for 2 senior citizens.
My vision for this place would have been to have a root cellar dug, have the creek widened to form a pond. I wanted to pump creek water to a 300 gallon tote on a stand to use that water to flush the toilet.
I wanted to finish clearing and seeding the front yard to encourage the deer, because we have water and lots of apple trees we can often see them, but with grazing in the front yard it would be even better.
See pictures here:
Asking price is $149,900 or best offer, would sell without solar too - that price would be $132,000.
Contact Brenda Andress
(315) 405-5315

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Beautiful hand made woodland botanical wreaths, to benefit the Local Living Venture!
Wreaths range from 5 inches to 25 inches and are priced from $10 - 45.
Choose the approximate size you'd like, figure roughly $2 per inch and contact us to order:
Local artist Carol Simpson creates these beautiful, natural wreaths from She says: "I love playing with natural materials. I find all of these seed heads so interesting and beautiful.  I hope that the wreaths exhibit the beauty and diversity of material that is usually overlooked and stimulate the appreciation of nature's beauty all around us, right down to the 'weeds'!"  6" - 12" wreaths.
Check out the upcoming workshop where you can create your own, on Oct. 22! 
Full Events Schedule

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Birdsfoot Farm Organic tomatoes are available now!
Organic tomatoes, 20 lb, $20,
Organic paste tomatoes, 20 lb, $25
Organic grade B, 20 lb, $10

Contact Dulli (leave a message if needed) at (315) 386 4852

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posted 8/27/2016, updated 9/12/2016

Waterford Stanley all cast iron cook stove
- in very good condition.

all cast iron, including oven. new in 1994. well cared for/ excellent condition. comes with factory side shelf on right, home-made one on left, fire box ...

'85 VW Jetta Diesel
with auxiliary veggie oil fuel system

in great condition
posted 8/27/2016

'85 VW Diesel Jetta
a great car with a long history of incarnations, most of which are lost from recorded history. as best as i can tell it spent most of it's life on the west coast, WA state...

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Furnished Off-Grid Home To Let

1400 sq ft house for rent: three bedrooms, a traditionally plumbed bathroom, plus a composting outhouse outside. Fully furnished. Rent negotiable.

 Off-grid solar electricity, passive solar and wood heat, propane hot water and cooking stove/oven, hand crafted of local materials.
 Located on 8 acres of woodland atop a south facing slope with wetland below, short walk from Grasse River, 9 miles from Canton (near Pyrites.) 1/3 mile long driveway which is not plowed in winter.
Available mid-August 2016 through June 2017. 
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