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Thank you for your interest in our work!  The Local Living Venture presents workshops and events in partnership with local people, who have expertise to share, as part of their mission to contribute to a healthy and more capable citizenry in the North Country region. 
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Please note that we take somewhat of a Summer hiatus from workshops, focusing more on outreach booths at local festivals.

EDITION:  July 24, 2018

Edible Food Forest * Beekeeping * Building Skills * Homesteads For Sale

Hello Friends!

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A collaborative project of Local Living Venture, the WISER Center at
SUNY Potsdam and the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe Environmental Division
with many community partners.
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Bees & Beekeeping
Monthly Discussion Group 

Join us for this informal gathering of bee enthusiasts - a chat fest of beekeeping information!  All are welcome, no experience necessary.   "Bee" on the lookout for more in our series of beginner to advanced workshops.  See link above for the location, and drop on in!
Wednesday, July 25  *  7 pm, Canton

An Edible Forest Garden
A Guided "Magical Mystery Tour"

Learn the seven layers of permaculture by example, in a delicious edible landscape we all can create at our own homes!  Learn about the process of planning and planting over 300 cultivars of wonderful edible fruits, nuts, berries, and "weeds," both native and uncommon.   Event details in link above.  Write to LocalLivingVenture @ with your name(s) and phone number to sign up!
Saturday, July 28  *  2 to 5 pm, Wellesley Island (see carpool options!)


Tiny House Edition
Hands-on learning for the basic building skills needed to 'DIY' any structure, in this case a tiny house!  Event details in link above.  Write to LocalLivingVenture @ with your name(s) and phone number to sign up!
Saturday, July 28  *  9 am to 5 pm, Adams Center

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Note that we take a semi-hiatus from events in the Summer months.

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  * Homestead Marketplace *

  Off-Grid Home * For Sale near Parishville
Cabin / Tiny House * For Sale Parishville

Full Homestead * For Sale Copenhagen

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