Orchard Exchange

Join in the adventure...learning and sharing information to build our horticultural base in the St. Lawrence River Valley and Adirondacks foothills region. 

Tapping North Country regional knowledge and know-how
-- to grow delicious local food!

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Local Living Venture Orchard Exchange
Facilitating the exchange of orchard-related information
among neighbors in our region.
*  Discussion Group
*  Fruit School
*  Workshops

  • Interested in orcharding - fruits and perhaps nuts and berries?
  • New to it?  Want to know what you should be doing this season, or thinking about for next?
  • Or are you an old hand?  Want to share tips and techniques with others in the area?
  • Have some problems you'd like fresh ideas on; solutions that are appropriate to our growing region? (Beware internet information unless you verify they deal with a northern climate.)

All are welcome to join our events - the Discussion Group (an informal exchange of ideas and infomation) and/or the annual Fruit School, as well as occasional Workshops -- all designed to help you grow amazing food.

Call (315) 347-4223 for schedule and location of the Orchard discussion groups and related workshops.

We will try to assure there will be always be some experienced local orchardists on hand, though you may have some tricks up your sleeve to share, too!

Join us for this informal occasional gathering of orchard and fruit/nut enthusiasts - a chat fest of sharing and seasonally appropriate information!  Malus, Prunus, Pyrus, Drupe, maybe even berries if there's interest - we'll cover them all as best we can!
No experience necessary, though if you're really new to it, reading up some before you come is a good idea so you can have questions in mind to share.

The Discussion Group is on a pass-the-hat, free-will donation basis to support the club and the Local Living Venture workshop programming.  Workshops and the more intense Fruit School programming are on a fee-based, free will donation basis.

Keep an eye on your email inbox if you are on the list to receive our twice monthly email newsletter - to be held at least once, perhaps twice, annually - just before or after fruit is borne.  All things fruit, nut and berry - with local folks who know their hardy species!

Be on the lookout for more in our series of beginner to advanced workshops - check it out HERE.
NOTE: A basics of fruit tree pruning workshop occurs annually in March, others are added to the schedule as available.

Things change.  Please get on our mailing list for the most up-to-date information.
Write to LocalLivingVenture@gmail.com and mention the Orchard Exchange to sign up!

We hope to see you there!
the Local Living Venture team

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The Local Living Venture coordinates near-weekly Resourceful Living Skills Workshops, community events and information exchanges - sharing traditional rural and simple living skills for a healthy and capable community.
We collaborate in presenting these life-long learning events with generous community members who have skills and knowledge to share.

   T h e   L o c a l   L i v i n g  V e n t u r e
Sharing Knowledge from the Past  ~  Building Skills for the Future

The Local Living Venture is coordinated entirely by volunteers.
With a small staff, and your support, we make big things happen!
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