Local Living Venture

Rural Skills Building & Local Food For Local Folks

Encouraging sharing and life-long learning as part of a capable, healthy community.
We are working for regional self-reliance, energy independence, environmentally friendly living, and a regionally-oriented community. 
  What we Do  
Sharing rural simple living skills through workshops and community events, based on a neighbor to neighbor model - so many skills exist locally that others are interested in learning.  We give enthusiastic people the opportunity to share their knowledge with others and build community, creating a more resourceful and healthy community - sharing ways to live more simply, economically, and environmentally friendly lives!
  Areas Of Engagement  
Local Food  *  Growing, Preparation, Nutrition, Preserving, Composting
Clean Energy  *  Small Scale, Renewable, Home Power and Community Energy
Northern Forest  *  Sustainable Practices, Small Woodlot, Healthy Hearth (Firewood & Clean Burning Methods)
Green Building  *  Renewable Resources, Re-use, Toxic-Free Materials, Rocket Stoves
Simple Living & Homesteading Skills  *  DIY your life, within the larger supportive community!

.      Workshop and Events Schedule
   We are taking a partial hiatus from our usual chock-a-block schedule,
but we haven't gone away just because we don't send our newsletters as often!
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