Build an Earth Oven

A weekend of hands-on making, and then baking, awaits you!

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Saturday, October 28, 9 am to 4 pm
Sunday, October 29, 9 am to 2-3 pm
followed by optional baking session as we fire it up!
End times dependent on questions and abilities of the group.

RSVP needed due to limited class size please.

Building an Earth Oven is presented by Jim Juczak of Woodhenge Self Reliance Campus in Adams Center, NY (near Watertown.)   This two-day session will show you how to "do it yourself" for your own handy earth oven - bake all summer without heating up your home!

We will start from scratch, build the stick framed shelter using cedar posts, the oven mold will be created based on scrounged materials (with various methods and means discussed), make the cob mix, learn how to apply it, and more!
Hopefully we'll be able to fire it before everyone leaves Sunday afternoon, and if we're lucky we'll even bake some pizza to share!

Topics to be covered include:
Oven base design
Theory of oven design
Creating a mold
Mixing and applying adobe cob mix
Designing and building an oven shelter
Starting a fire (fun ways to get flames!)
...and your questions!
Photo may not reflect the exact design of oven being built during the workshop.

Jim Juczak is a former shop teacher of 25 years, among many other things.  Jim and his wife, Krista and their family live at Woodhenge, a 55-acre intentional community with several other families they have invited to live there.  Writing (both articles and books), lecturing on a wide variety of self reliance topics, and inventing are amongst the things he does.  He also consults on off-grid energy system design and specializes in deep-well solar pumps. His first book, The High Art and Subtle Science of Scrounging, has been in print since 2008.  His second book, Water Supply Systems for the Homesteader, became available in 2011.

*   This is a "hands-on" event so bring your work clothes and appropriate outerwear for the weather conditions.
*   The "cob" is mixed by stomping on it in a tarp, wear sturdy boots that can get muddy!
*   Any tools you wish to bring should be clearly marked for easy identification and return (more on this in the RSVP.)  Tools not required.
*   Hair should be tied back or contained in work spaces.
*   Free camping is provided, bring your gear.  No hook ups for RV's but facilities on site can be used.  Some indoor lodging possibilities or inquire about nearby lodgings.


  • For this unique learning experience, a $75 general public, $125 couple/family of two, $25 student donation is requested for material costs, to cover overhead expenses and to benefit Local Living Venture non-profitworkshop creation.
  • Camping options *and* delightful meals on site are included.  Please note any dietary preferences or restrictions when registering.
  • Donations can be made by check to "Local Living Venture" at PO Box 736, Canton, NY 13617 before October 25 or can be paid online with a bank account, credit or debit card (PayPal account not required.)
  • Reduced Rate / Scholarships / Work Visas are available upon request.
  • Please note that a portion of your donation benefits the non-profit work of  Local Living Venture, and this is a major means of support for our community organization.

Class size is limited so attendees need to RSVP please.
Contact or (315) 347-4223
We need the Workshop Name, your name(s), phone numbers, and number in party.

Please note any dietary preferences.
Please note needs for campsite (type of camping, square footage needs if more than a tent.)

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October 28th, 2017 9:00 AM   through   October 29th, 2017 2:00 PM
Please RSVP for exact location and FAQ
Adams Center, NY 13606
United States
Phone: 315-347-4223
Mobile: 315-261-1926

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