Annual Report 2015

Thank you for your interest in the Local Living Venture and our work within the community. 
Below you will find our most current Annual Report, unabridged, for your use. 
An abridged version is available upon request.

Our 2014 Annual Report can be found at this page.
For previous Annual Reports (2010 - 2013), please go to this page.

               Local Living Venture
                                                                       Sharing Knowledge from the Past ~ Building Skills for the Future

Annual Report 2015

Our Vision 2015
The Local Living Venture envisions a vibrant, capable community and a resilient regional economy in the North Country of New York State.  

Mission Statement 2015
The Local Living Venture is working towards a resilient regional economy through community education, rural skills–building, and dynamic infrastructure development.

“Sharing Knowledge from the Past ~ Building Skills for the Future”

The Local Living Venture (LLV) is now officially an officially recognized 501(c)(3) educational non-profit!  The LLV received the Letter of Determination from the Internal Revenue Service on March 19, 2015, effective retroactively to May 6, 2014.

With a generous grant from the Northern New York Community Foundation, the Local Living Venture and “Gilbert Web Design” created our new website. The new website was launched in January, 2015.
The Northern New York Community Fund grant also allowed the Local Living Venture to purchase a computer, internet hot spot, and video equipment to document workshops with the goal of eventually sharing and monetizing videos.

The Local Living Venture's Board of Directors met monthly throughout the year.
An all-day Board Retreat/ Development Planning Meeting was held March 6 at Melinda Ely’s home. 
Three additional Development Planning Meetings were held on May 6, June 3 and November 18.

The LLV Annual Meeting was held Wednesday, February 25 with 10 attendees. The 2014 Annual Report was reviewed and future projects, including the Festival, were discussed.  The three Board members maintained the positions agreed to in the previous year: Melinda Ely (Chairperson and Treasurer), Chelle Lindahl (Vice Chairperson and Secretary) and Rajiv Narula (Board Member-at-large.)

Melinda Ely and Chelle Lindahl have continued in their roles as Co-coordinators of the Local Living Venture.
Jackie Bartholomew worked throughout the year as Education Outreach Coordinator but ended her position in December to take a new job.
Krystal White became the new Education Outreach Coordinator and EBay manager for LLV in addition to maintaining her email “Gatekeeper” duties.
Donna Dilworth has continued as Project Organizer.

The LLV had three SUNY Potsdam interns, all working on the Local Living Festival:  Max McCann, Emma Dadzrawa, and Rachel Vincent.  Max McCann was the Community Health Intern for 7 weeks coordinating Health & Wellness theme track of Festival 2015 and working with United Helpers. He created the LLV website page on Health and Wellness and coordinated exhibitors for the Festival. Rachel Vincent coordinated Merchandise for the Festival. Emma Dadzrawa coordinated the Home Tour.
Max McCann completed his seven week Community Health Internship on July 3 and continued as a contractor working on the Festival through September.

The Local Living Festival was held on September 26, 2015 and was the focus of the LLV during the third quarter. Planning for the Local Living Festival 2015 began last year. The Festival Committee worked to secure funding, speakers, a location and Community Partners.
The LLV and co-coordinators from the United Helpers Sustainability Committee and Canton Village Sustainability Committee held  twice monthly Festival Planning Meetings from May-October at United Helpers Maplewood facility. 
Seventeen Community Partners and nine Community Sponsors joined the LLV to help create the Festival. These are listed below in the Programs/Local Living Festival section below.

The Local Living Venture coordinated a Spring Package Bee Purchase with local bee keepers.

Weekly staff meetings were held throughout the year at the BOCES building in Canton, the Canton Free Library and Potsdam Public Library.  

Total Program Income: $23,435.31
Income sources listed below:
Gross Workshop Income: $4081
Grant Income: $2000 Dedicated funds from NNYCF for purchase of equipment
Donation/ Outreach/ Benefit Income: $16,361.31
Festival Exhibitor Booth Fees and Festival Program Ads : $535
Raffle Sales: $231
Merchandise Sales: $227

Total Expenses: $22,098.19
Total LLV Expenses: $15,963.51
Total Festival Expenses: $6134.68

Total  LLV Expenses: $15,963.51
LLV Expenses include:
$10,797  LLV contract labor
$252.50 workshop space rental
$48.72   workshop materials
$165.00 membership dues
$127.00 conference fees
$40.00   outreach booth rental
$250.13 insurance
$180.00 for website host renewal
$670.00 storage unit rental
$25.99  office supplies
$68.00  post office box
$9.80    postage
$1992.75 equipment purchased with NNYCF dedicated fund
$7.25     grant balance return
$125.00 publicity
$400.00 performance bonus
$203.00 Team Appreciation
$601.37 reimbursements (NOFA conference, bee package order, copies, durable dinnerware, mileage, LLV reimbursements, $228.10 mileage/gas reimbursement)

Total Festival Expenses: $6134.68 
Festival Expenses include:
$1800.00 Festival contract labor
$1221.52 speaker fees
$80.00     Festival Public Participation Meeting/venue expense
$420.66   printing
$453.03   signs
$1140.00 site expenses
$687.00   advertising
$115.50   raffle prize
$68.85     sponsor recognition
$114.12   office supplies
$34.00    Pubic Participation Gathering hospitality

Beginning Balance January 1, 2015:  $2,322.39 ($2,287.01 LLV account + $35.38 Seedcorn/SLP account)

Ending Balance December 31, 2015: $7379.01
The Seedcorn account was closed on May 8, 2015. Balance of funds ($290.23 at closure) was transferred into LLV account. 

Dedicated Funds
Equipment purchased with Northern New York Community Foundation: Total: $1992.75
New electronic equipment will allow the Local Living Venture to take the next step in communicating our mission, goals, and programs to the public.

Funds were disbursed for the following equipment, supplies and services:
Lenovo U530 Computer: $833.49    
Cannon camcorder (video camera),wired mouse, flash drive, memory card, microphone, accessory kit for camcorder: $340.39
Video editing suite program: $110.57
Verizon SIM card chip from Albans Business Center, Gouverneur: $16.04
San Disk memory card from Albans Business Center, Gouverneur: $26.99
Mobile hot spot (Verizon Jet Pack)  and computer accessories: $100.48 Verizon jet pack service: $300.00
Avast Internet Security- 3PC - 2 years: $64.79
Equipment consultation and tech support, Richard Collins: $200

Bee Package Purchase 
Total in Dedicated fund: $3085.59
Bee purchase: $2740 paid to Mann Lake
Delivery Cost: $180 collected + disbursed to Don Matheson
Donations for Coordinating Bee Package: $165.59 (included as Donation Income above.)

There were several fundraising projects in 2015.
A fundraising appeal was sent out June 24 to all on our mailing list resulting in $770 in donations.
Brookmar Advised Fund donated $5000 and pledged an additional donation of $5000 in 2016.
 Many Festival Sponsors donated funds to support the Local Living Festival. Major Donors provided $8700.
All Sponsors with monetary and “in kind” donations are listed below in “Sponsors and Donors” section. 
A crowdfunding campaign was established at “Adirondack Gives” to raise funds for the Festival from August 7 until November 11 netting $175.
Two Benefit Concerts were held. Robin McClellan hosted a concert featuring the Larry Ham Jazz Trio to benefit the LLV on February 22 raising $219. A Local Living Festival Benefit Concert with Northbound and Waydown Wailers was held on September 19 at Between the Buns in Potsdam and raised $435.
A 50/50 raffle was held to help raise funds for the festival netting $115.50.
The LLV applied for a $34,791.75 Alcoa Foundation Grant for major workshop expansion on April 8, which was not awarded. The LLV will continue to seek out grants to expand our workshop base.

Sponsors and Donors
Brookmar Advised Fund donated $5000 and pledged additional donation of $5000 in 2016 for general administrative support.
Pete & Kathy Wyckoff donated $1400 for a Festival speaker (Daniel Greenberg) organized in partnership with the North Country 350 Alliance.
Northern Lights Energy donated $500 for general administrative support during the Local Living Festival.

In Kind Donors
Potsdam Food Coop donated $396.27 in ingredients for 8 different workshops throughout the year.  
Potsdam IGA’s Rick Cross donated approximately $60 in ingredients for the Home Brewing Basics Workshop.
Donna Dilworth donated $34 in ingredients to brew a batch for the Home Brewing Basics Workshop.
Potsdam Agway (Kolanko, Inc): Donated pots valued at $35.09 for the Seedling Workshop 
Price Chopper: $10 donation for the Kombucha & Kimchi workshop
Volunteer Transportation Center donated Microsoft Office Professional Software.

June Fundraiser Donors
Bob Shepherd
Dale Pondysh
David Hill
Tom and Jane Plastino
Bjorg Cunningham

Festival Sponsors
Maple Ridge Charitable Foundation $3000
United Helpers $1500
Curran Renewable Energy $1500
Pete and Kathy Wyckoff $1400
North Country Savings Bank $1000
UH Sustainability Committee $200
Adirondack North Country Association $100

Festival In Kind Donors $4102 in goods and services
Casella Waste ($400 bin and hauling services donation)
Potsdam Food Co-op & Carriage House Bakery ($400 food donation)
Northern Regional Center for Independent Living ($600 labor and materials)
The Frame Mill – Paul Heer ($500 labor and materials)
United Helpers ($1952 labor)
Schulze Construction ($250 value for providing a Remote Solar Power Trailer at Festival Welcome Tent)
Jackie Bartholomew (donated the prints to be framed for resale, value unknown.)

Review of Programs
Resourceful Living / Rural Skills Workshops and Events
In 2015, the Local Living Venture offered 46 workshops and events attended by approximately 455 people. Generous community presenters donated their time to support the community and the Local Living Venture in these endeavors.  Evaluation results polled very strongly positive from attendees. (Available by request.)

Workshops included:
DIY Winter Skin Care * A Make & Take, January 10, 4 attendees
How to Bake Wholesome Bread - On The Rise! January 24, 11 attendees
Bees & Bee Keeping Discussion Group, 11 monthly meetings, 149 total attendees
Mind & Body Centered Anxiety & Stress Relief  Series, presented by Kathy Montan.
Session One: "Using the Mind to Reduce Stress and Anxiety", February 1, 7 attendees
Session Two: "Body Awareness in Stress Management", February 8, 4 attendees
Session Three: "Developing a Philosophy of Stress Free Living", February 15, 8 attendees
Learn How to Bake (and Convert Your Favorite Recipes!) to Whole Foods - a Nutritious Delicious! Cooking Workshop, February 4, 11 attendees
Learn How To Sew * Increase Your Sewing Skills, February 12, 7 attendees
Lots O’ Knots - Especially for Kids on Spring Break! February 18, cancelled.
Home Brewing Basics, February 21, 7 attendees
Let Solar Light Up your Home (or Business!) * Northern Lights Energy Shows You How, Feb 26, 43 attendees
How To Cook Beans & Grains~Nutritious Delicious (and Cheap) Cooking Workshop, March 5, 10 attendees
Wise Woman Workshop – Parts 1 & 2, presented by Paula Youmell
Part 1: Nutrition, Natural Beauty & Body Image, Cycles and Reproductive Health, March 12,  3 attendees
Part 2: Reproduction, Breast & Menopausal Health,  March 19, 2 attendees
Direct Parallel "Shaped" Skiing for All Beginners and Older Downhill Skiers, March 15, cancelled.
Pruning Your Apple Trees & Other Orchard Fruits * Hands- On, March 28, 18 attendees
Fermented Foods: A Kimchi & Sauerkraut 'Make-n-Take!'  Nutritious, Delicious Hands On Workshop, March 28, 11 attendees
Learn How to Sew * Increase Your Sewing Skills – A Make and Take, April 1, 8 attendees
Start Your Garden Seedlings Indoors & Learn How to Transplant * A Hands-on, How To Workshop for Beginner Gardeners, April 19, 2 attendees
Herbs for Health & Healing * An Overview and How-To, April 23, 12 attendees
Bow Hunting Techniques and Field Signs, April 25, 2 attendees
Backyard Bio-Diesel* How- To, Hands- On, May 9, 2 attendees
Roll Up Your Sleeves: Spring Bicycle Maintenance, May 16, 2 sessions, 22 attendees
Primitive Fire Starting and Sweat Lodge, May 30, 4 attendees
Family Composting Extravaganza! * How-to for Garden & Home Food-Waste, May 30, 11 attendees
Kimchi & Kombucha ~ Kitchen Meditation Through Fermentation workshop, June 13, 11 attendees
Magical Mystery Tour* Developing an Edible Forest Garden, July 12, 18 attendees
Free Mites & Hive Inspection Field Day at Squeak Creek Apiaries, August 8, 15 attendees
“Got Wood? Techniques for Burning Wood Cleanly, Safely, and Well”, August 12, 8 attendees
How to Bake Wholesome Bread - On The Rise, September 12 - cancelled by presenter
Invasive Species Eradication, September 13 – cancelled by venue
Regional Green Home Tours, October 3.  Hosts: Cronk Family, Jim Juczak, Jerry Bartlett, Scott Shipley, Red Wagon Farm
Organic Gardening Planning and Practices, October 10, 8 attendees
Heating With Wood Safely and Efficiently, October 15, 11 attendees
Rocket Mass Heater Seasonal Inspection & Firing, October 17, Rocket Stove Workshop, 14 attendees
It's a Wrap! Wrapping your Bee Hives for Winter, November 7, 10 attendees
How to Cook Beans and Grains, November 19, 5 attendees
Baking with Whole Foods ~ A Nutritious Delicious! Cooking Seminar, December 9, cancelled by venue

Bee Package Order
The LLV coordinated a co-op order of bee packages from Mann Lake, Ltd. for the Bees & Beekeeping Discussion Group.
We ordered 30 packages (3 lb.'s each) + 2 queens for $2740.00 for 17 local beekeepers.
The order pick up was May 2. Don Matheson and Paul Johnson drove to Pennsylvania to pick up the order and delivered it to the North Country.
The LLV received $165.59 in donations for coordinating the order.

Healthy Hearth
Miles Manchester is the Project Coordinator for the Dry Firewood Initiative contributing to the website resources page and creating an event on August 12. (“Got Wood? Techniques for Burning Wood Cleanly, Safely and Well”)  He also gave a kindling-splitting demonstration at the Skill-sharing session of the Festival Public Participation Gatherings and also facilitated the gift of a wood moisture meter to both the Potsdam and Norwood Public Libraries in the name of the LLV.

St. Lawrence ReUse Center
Growing out of the successful Textile re-use and recycling campaign that utilized the LLV's Thrift Map project in November, 2014, the LLV participated in the formation of a ReUse coalition. The goal is to create a ReUse Center in St. Lawrence County based on the model of the Finger Lakes ReUse Center.  The first project of the group was to initiate an annual campaign, the College Move Out project, to reclaim goods left behind by college students each Spring. Clarkson University and St. Lawrence University joined their ongoing projects to this one and SUNY Potsdam joined in for a successful event in May. Collection trailers were provided by the coalition, materials were shared with local thrift outlets, and the remainders trucked to a reclamation center in Pennsylvania. A minimum of 330 large bags of materials (largely textile) were reclaimed as a result of this project.

Local Living Festival  
Request the Festival Report for full details

The Local Living Festival * A Celebration of Resourceful Living, was held on September 26, 2015 in it's new location on the Village Green in Canton, NY. The festival  was a Zero Waste event with 44  workshops (including a panel discussion) with 12 different theme tracks , 2 featured speakers,  skills demonstrations in the park, 52 exhibitors, and all day activities for both children and youth.
There were 12 Community Partners (listed below) and three Interns. Over 150 volunteers donated almost 2000 hours of volunteer labor.

Festival Planning Meetings with Community Partners were scheduled every other week beginning in May with a follow up meeting held September 30.
Public Participation Meetings were held on ­­­August 5 and 26, September 9 and 23.
Two major speakers are confirmed: Diane Cohen of Finger Lakes ReUse Center (through the St. Lawrence ReUse Project) and Daniel Greenberg of Earth Deeds (through the efforts and financing procured by NC350 Alliance.)

Festival Community Partners
United Helpers Sustainability Committee - Festival Co-coordinators
Canton Village Sustainability Committee - Festival Co-coordinators
North Country 350 Alliance - Zero Waste Coordinators
Nature’s Storehouse - Health and Wellness Pavilion
Deep Root Center for Self-Directed Learning - Children's Toy Swap
Unitarian Universalist Church of Canton - Children's Toy Swap
Woodhenge Sustainability Campus -  Homesteading Panels
Rainbow Crabtree, Doula Services - Nap & Breastfeeding Area
Schulze Construction - Solar Power for Welcome Tent
Arielle Acres - Children's Activities
TAUNY - Musical Entertainment

Festival Sponsors
Maple Ridge Charitable Foundation
United Helpers
Curran Renewable Energy
Brookmar Advised Fund of the Northern New York Community Foundation
North Country Savings Bank
Adirondack North Country Association
Northern Lights Energy

Festival Sponsors (In Kind Donations)
Casella Waste
Potsdam Food Co-op & Carriage House Bakery
Northern Regional Center for Independent Living
North Country Public Radio Media Sponsorship
Schulze Construction
The Frame Mill
United Helpers
Festival Community Sponsors (Donated Venues)
First Presbyterian Church of Canton
Unitarian Universalist Church of Canton
Canton Free Library
St. Lawrence County Historical Association
First Baptist Church of Canton

Festival Fundraising 
See Finance section above and separate Local Living Festival Report (by request) for details:
Sponsors and Donors contributed $9470.72.
Raffle tickets were sold at events leading up to the Festival raising $231.
An Adirondack Gives Campaign was held from August 7 – November 11 raising $175.
The Frame Mill donated materials and labor to frame prints sold at the festival.

Festival Benefit Concert
A benefit concert was held at Between the Buns on September 19 with the Waydown Wailers and Northbound. This event raised $435.

Media, Advertisements and Communications
25 “Big Mailers” were sent to an email mailing list of approximately 3000 families, almost all within 50-100 miles of Canton, NY.
5 Smaller mailers were sent to specific sub-groups on our mailing list.

Media Engagement
In 2015, the Local Living Venture had 70 Press Releases and Calendar Submissions.
The LLV was featured in the following articles:
Watertown Daily Times article by Alisha Rexford covering the LLV Annual meeting on Feb. 22, published March 2, 2015.  
Watertown Daily Times and Daily Courier Observer Reporter Larry Robinson  wrote an article about the “Primitive Fire Starting and Sweat Lodge”  Workshop (published on May 31, 2015) titled: “Local Living Venture workshop teaches fire, sweat lodge skills” 

Media / Partnership
There was a press conference/ribbon cutting announcing the kick off of “College Move Out Days” Annual Campaign. This is a project of Re Use Training with Tony Collins (Clarkson President), Sue Powers, Kelly Chezum and CU student volunteers.
LLV and others nominated Heather Sullivan Catlin for the Rachel Somers Grant Social Action Award from the Unitarian Universalist Church; she received the award June 11.

Festival Related
Full page ad in North Country This Week
5 Press Releases, 3 Big Mailers
Facebook posts highlighting Workshop Presenters and Speakers (numerous posts and daily posts leading up to Festival)

Online Presence and Social Media
The Sustainable Living Project /Local Living Festival Facebook Page surpassed 900 “Likes” in 2015 and the page name was formally changed to Local Living Venture.
The LLV has transitioned to the new website with support from the Northern New York Community Foundation:
Listed in NOFA - NY New York Organic Farm Resource Guide 2015.
Advertised in the Non-Profit Guide published by Johnson Newspapers.
Listed in the Annual Manual published by North Country This Week.
Local Living Venture Bee Group was added to several bee resource related web sites.

Outreach Events and Presentations
The LLV attended 15 outreach events with specific issues to represent and/or an interactive agenda of promoting our programs, and exhibiting a professional, yet home-spun, booth display.

Outreach Events include
2015 NOFA- NY Winter Conference, Saratoga, NY, January 23-25
Clarkson University Annual Wellness Fair, Potsdam, NY, January 27
Norwood  Norfolk Wellness Fair, March 14
Sustainability Social, hosted by, Potsdam, NY, April 11
North Country Folk Festival at SLU,  Canton, NY, April 25
Dairy Princess Parade, June 6
St. Lawrence Power and Equipment Museum Plow Days, June 13
Potsdam Summer Festival, July 10 & 11
Clarkson Volunteer Fair, August 24
The STOMP College Days Village Green, Canton, August 29
Farm 2 Fork, Saranac Lake, September 5
St Lawrence Power & Equipment Museum Harvest Days, September 5 & 6
North Country Open House at TAUNY, September 10
Wild & Scenic Film Festival at Clarkson, September 12
Adirondack Rural Skills & Homesteading Festival, October 3

Other Events hosted or attended
Seedcorn Council meeting, Jan 28
SUNY Potsdam Community Health  Spring ’15 Supervisor’s Brunch and “Speed Dating” Event, Potsdam, NY, February 4
Fifth Annual Community Seed Swap, Eliott’s Agway, Winthrop, NY April 4
North Country Reuse Training, LLV helped host this event along with NERC- Northeast Recycling Council, Development Authority of the North Country, SLC Solid Waste Dept., SLC Environmental Management Council and NYSDEC, April 30
ReUse Press Conference, May 1
Seedcorn’s Final Meeting, May 6
AAUW Annual Summer Meeting, Canton, NY, June 4
Old Market Farm’s “Roses in Bloom” Open house, June 20
ReUse Center Strategy Session for St. Lawrence County, a public information and recruitment session to create a reuse center in St. Lawrence County, July 14
Festival Public Participation Meeting - Health and Wellness Theme, Canton Presbyterian Church, August 5
Festival Public Participation Meeting - Lost Arts & Forgotten Skills, Unitarian Universalist Church, August 26
Festival Public Participation Meeting – Zero Waste sign making, September 9
Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe Pesticide & Pollinators Forum, September 15 & 16, presentation given by LLV Bee Group
Festival Public Participation Meeting – Pre Festival Projects, September 23
Route 68 Adopt-A-Highway Roadside Clean Up, October 17
SLC Chamber of Commerce Website redesign launch party, October 16
AAUW Fall Meeting, October 14
Inter Agency Meeting, November 20
LLV Team Appreciation Party, Canton, NY, December 17

Other Community Outreach
Sign-up sheets during major outreach events, workshops and media notices swelled our e-mailing list to over 3000, to whom we send updates two to three times per month.

Community Engagement
Conferences and Webinars
NOFA- NY Conference, Saratoga, NY, January 23-25
 NCPRs Great Conversations with Curt Stager, March 3
North Country Symposium, “Opportunities for Strategic Business Development in the North Country” at St Lawrence University, April 20th. The LLV was part of April 2015 Symposium Entrepreneur Group during this conference along with 24 others.
North Country Reuse Training, April 30. LLV helped host this event.
Visiting Farmer Lecture Series, Clarkson University, May 13.
ReUse Conference Call, May 27
2015 Clean Energy Economy Conference, Utica, NY , June 11 + 12
Local Food, Local Places Workshops, Canton, NY, June 16 + 17
ADK Common Ground Alliance 2015 Forum, Building Vibrant Communities, Long Lake, NY, July 15
Human Services Agency Meeting, July 17
Local Foods, Local Places - Conference call, July 20
ESHPA Summer Picnic, July 18
SLC ReUse Project Conference call, August 13
Local Foods, Local Places - Conference Call, August 20
Local Foods, Local Places Meeting, September 8
"Why Local Food Matters" Webinar, September 10
ESHPA Fall Meeting, Nov 20 +21, Mark Berningausen attended

Information/ Action Requests
Numerous requests for information about our programs
31 requests for information
11 requests for website posts/links
10 requests for networking
8 requests for publicity
6 requests for speaker/ presenter/ resource 
6 requests to share info
5 requests for volunteers
5 inquiries relating to workshops and events
4 requests for letter of support
3 requests for permission to use resources
3 requests for letters of recommendation & reference
3 request for nominations and comments
3 requests for collaboration
8 various inquiries
numerous requests for Linked In
All appropriate requests were met to the best of our ability.

Positive Feedback
Numerous verbal positive comments about the Local Living Festival.
SLU Geology professor Jeff Chiarenzelli expressed gratitude for the donation of cob materials for his students to build a cob rocket stove.
Athena Lee Bradley, Projects Manager, NERC expressed gratitude for Chelle’s hospitality hosting her during the Re Use Training.
Rainbow Crabtree states that the Local Living Festival map of the park is “clear and easy to read!”
Brian Cotto (Community Service Chairman, Delta Kappa Theta Fraternity Inc.) appreciates the recognition for volunteering with the Roadside Clean Up and offered to assist with future community service projects.
Wayne Samphier thanked the Bee Group members for participating in 2015 Pesticide Forum held at the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Resort.
Ani Drubgyudma appreciated rocket stove demonstration.
Basia Marie Parham says “know that you're loved and appreciated.”
Patricia Greene says “I am so utterly impressed with the work you are doing. And the Festival now on the (Canton Village) Green!!! Absolutely amazing.”

Partnerships/ Collaborations
Fruitful collaborations and networks were formed or continued with approximately 53 regional organizations, farms, businesses, and sponsors in 2015.

Adirondack North Country Association
Arielle Acres
Brookmar Advised Fund
Canton Free Library
Canton Village Sustainability Committee
Casella Waste Solutions
Cinema 10
Common Ground Alliance 
Cornell Cooperative Extension
Cornell Cooperative Extension Jefferson County
Curran Renewable Energy
Deep Root Center
Development Authority of the North Country
First Baptist Church of Canton
First Presbyterian Church of Canton
Hands on Health
Hugh O'Brien Youth Leadership
Kathy Montan
Local Food Local Places Initiative, Village of Canton
Maple Ridge Charitable Foundation
Mohawk Council of Akwesasne
Nature’s Storehouse
New York Department of Environmental Conservation, Region 6
New York Small Scale Food Processors Association
North Country 350 Alliance
North Country Savings Bank
North Country Prenatal/Perinatal Council, Inc
North Country Public Radio (media sponsor)
Northeast Recycling Council, Inc.
Northern Lights Energy
Northern New York Community Foundation
Northern Regional Center for Independent Living
Ogdensburg Chamber of Commerce
Old Market Farm
Potsdam Farmer's Market 
Potsdam Food Co-op & Carriage House Bakery
Rainbow Crabtree, Doula Services
Schulze Construction
St. Lawrence County Environmental Management Council
St. Lawrence County Historical Association
St. Lawrence County Planning Office
St. Lawrence County Solid Waste Department
St. Lawrence University Geology Department
St. Lawrence ReUse Center coalition
St. Regis Mohawk Tribe Environmental Division
SUNY Potsdam Community Health Program
The Frame Mill
United Helpers
United Helpers Sustainability Committee
Unitarian Universalist Church of Canton
Village of Canton Economic Development Office
Village of Canton Sustainability Committee
Woodhenge Sustainability Campus
Pete and Kathy Wyckoff Family

SLU Geology professor Jeff Chiarenzelli and his students built a cob rocket stove with materials donated by LLV.
The LLV provided the use of durable place settings for the Potsdam Co-op's Member-Owner Dancing and Desserts Event on June 19.

Bee Advisory Board
Cathy Moore with CCE Jefferson County applied for a grant with NY Farm Viability.  She visited the LLV Bee Group to collaborate with local Beekeepers. Seventeen members from the LLV Bee Group joined the Bee Advisory Board.  Unfortunately the grant was not awarded.
Another event aimed at pollinators was presented by the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe Environmental Division.  At their request, several LLV Bee Advisory Group members served as moderators and resource providers in a session at the conference that was similar in scope to our Bee Discussion Group setting.

Local Foods, Local Places Initiative
The Village of Canton’s Sustainability Committee was one of twenty communities nationwide to gain a "grant" of technical assistance to plan and implement a two-day workshop in June 2015, culminating in a plan of action for a healthier local food system.  The LLV took part in the workshop and has continued, along with many other local organizations, on a steering committee that has formed to move the project forward in 2016 on a County-wide basis.

St. Lawrence ReUse Center
The ReUse coalition, charged with creating a ReUse Center in St. Lawrence County, currently consists of representatives from ten regional organizations and agencies, who also joined with Clarkson University, St. Lawrence University, and SUNY Potsdam  for a successful student "move-out" reclamation event in May. The coalition hosted a ReUse Center Strategy Session to kick off the creation of such a facility in St. Lawrence County. It was held on July 14 with a full house, and with significant contributions from the LLV and several LLV volunteers.

Volunteers and Interns
LLV and Festival Volunteers and Interns: 4815 Total Volunteer Hours
Coordinator volunteer hours: 2331.5 hours (2023.5 hours Chelle Lindahl + 308 hours Melinda Ely)  included in breakdown below.

Volunteer Hours: 2540.75 Hours Total   
Breakdown as follows:
Workshops: 416 hours 
Outreach: 356 hours
Conferences and Webinars: 131.25 hours
Board, Meetings, Committees: 189.5 hours
Administrative: 1304.75 hours
Miscellaneous Volunteer Hours: 143.25 hours

Festival Volunteers and Interns: 2274.25 Total Volunteer Hours
Festival Volunteer Hours: 1981.75 Hours Total
Breakdown as follows:
Planning: 506 hours
Benefit Concert: 89.5 hours
Festival Workshops: 128 hours
Set up and day of event: 463 hours
Coordinators: 685.25 hours
Miscellaneous: 110 hours
Festival Intern Hours: 292.5 Hours Total

Total number of volunteers in 2015: approximately 470

Future Plans

  • The Local Living Venture will continue to develop and offer the successful Resourceful Living Skills Workshops to the North Country public in the upcoming year.
  • Continued engagement and collaboration with varied community organizations and agencies is a priority of the LLV, in the past and moving forward.
  • We will be hosting monthly gatherings for facilitated discussions, skill-sharing, work parties and more as the seasons allow.
  • Upcoming Local Living Festivals are scheduled for April 29, 2017 and September 29, 2018.
  • Options are still being explored for development of the Homestead Learning Community, the Local Venture Center and North Country Native Botanical Gardens.  Land acquisition and potential partnerships for same have been fruitless in 2015, but we have renewed drive for development in 2016.

The Local Living Venture’s ultimate goal is acquisition of a multi-use campus for: 

1. Homestead Learning Community (HLC), to assist the next generation of farmers, foresters, renewable energy workers, builders, and homesteaders. To include a residential campus focusing on classes and demonstrations of rural and homesteading skills in several areas of concern:
Farming / Gardening / Food
Renewable Energy
Healthy Hearth and Forestry
Green Building 
Homesteading Skills

2. North Country Native Botanical Gardens, to include:
Demonstration pavilions for rural skills as part of the larger self-guided botanical garden experience, created and staffed by students from the HLC and volunteers.

3. Local Venture Center, to include:
Our current Resourceful Living Skills Workshop program as well as many community projects, such as a tool lending library, a retreat and conference setting, food processing incubation and many other community-building and entrepreneurial endeavors, as evolves organically and on an as-needed basis within the larger community.

Local Living Venture

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