Bee CoOp Order 2019

UPDATE 3/8/2019:
Orders are in for the Spring 2019 delivery of bees!
Our package bee order is now complete.
There are still some 
nucleuses available on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you would like to order please note the full details (including the Important Note) below.
There is a form to copy and paste into an email to send to the Local Living Venture, placing your order.
For these later orders please also contact Chelle at (315) 261-1926 (text preferred)
 just to notify us that there is an addition to the original order.  We will respond with an email confirmation that your order was able to be placed (or not, but probably it will be fine!)  :-)

Thank you - and YEAH BEES!

Deadline to Order - 2/25
Payment is due immediately upon order

For more information on our full non-profit program offerings for beekeepers see this page:

You have a choice between package bees or nuc's. We have had very good success with both. 

Everything but the price is pretty much the same this year, but full details are included below for your reference.
Full information on each ordering option is included below.

Nuc's come in a box with a set of five frames, that you unload into your hive. 
Package bees come in a small box with 3# of bees with a mated queen in the midst, that you unload into your frames. 
Either way, you need to add the bees to your hive(s) - but have no fear, we will show you how!  Workshops on this and other topics will be available.

Cost for Transport
Each person/household shares in the cost to drive to pick up the bees this Spring - to Wilkes Barre, PA, Norwich or Pamelia, depending on the vendor.  This will run somewhere between $10 to $20 per family total for the transport, approximately.  Maybe a little less, depending on how many people order, we just split the gas cost evenly.  This is a flat fee, not charged per package/nuc, and is only to cover the cost of gas.
We collect this from you upon pick-up, and give it directly to the driver.  You'll know in advance the exact price, but we don't know the total per person yet (until the orders are all in.)
Important Note: If you agree to go in on this group order, you are agreeing to your share of the transportation cost as well - even if fewer people go in, so that it costs a bit more (hopefully not, but just saying!)  Drivers are not paid for their time, and we have agreed in the past that the driver shouldn't have to pay for their share of the gas; since they're doing all the driving plus wear and tear on their vehicle, so that seems only fair.  This is saving you the full expense of going there yourself, so it's a deal!

Donation to the Local Living Venture for Coordination
We ask for a donation of approximately $5 per unit (nuc or package) for the tremendous amount of time and effort it takes to coordinate a smooth order and delivery.  If we are able to meet minimum quantities for a $5 price break, what this means is that you would still just pay the regular price for the unit - if you'd ordered on your own.  You wouldn't have ordered enough to get that break in the first place, so it comes out more or less even.  If we don't make that minimum, then it is costing you an extra $5 each, but you still save when considering the transport costs (see above.)  We include it in the pricing below, but this is a good-will donation, and is not required; however, withholding it would really not be a kind thing to do to us. :-)  Chelle is a volunteer coordinating most of this, but many paid staff hours go into coordinating also, and we need to at least cover those expenses as a small and unfunded community organization.

Delivery Location: 
The package bees will be delivered to the parking lot of the Bee Meetings:  E.J. Noble Medical Bldg., 80 E. Main Street, Canton, NY
The nuc's we have less information on the delivery date and where they will be delivered to, see more details in the Kutik 5 Frame Nuc's section below.

Delivery Dates: 
Package bees to be confirmed, Nuc's late April to mid-May. 
UPDATE 3/8:  Packages will be picked up and delivered to Canton, NY on Sat. April 27, likely at around 3 pm.  The supplier doesn't guarantee this date, but have never failed to deliver on the date promised in the past.

By participating in this group bee purchase you agree:
that Package Bees and the risk of loss of the package and queen it contains or the Nuc's and the risk of loss of the frames and queen it contains become the responsibility of the customer (the customer being you, not the Local Living Venture or the volunteer delivery driver) at the time of pick up from the supplier.  You understand that Mann Lake, Kutik's Honey Farm and the Local Living Venture cannot guarantee the successful establishment of the package bees or nuc's. You agree that you will not attempt to hold Mann Lake, Kutik's Honey Farm or the Local Living Venture or it's agents (including the volunteer delivery drivers) responsible for whatever may happen to your package or nuc after it is delivered to you or for the survival or productivity of the hive that you may establish from the package or nuc.  You understand and agree that ther are no refunds for cancellations, though we will do our best to find another buyer in that case.
2019 Addendum:  Last year we had one Saskatraz package arrive with 2" of dead bees, which is more than the acceptable 1" level.  It's never happened before, but it did this once.  Being part of a group order complicated the situation some, but the inability to drive back to PA for a replacement meant that the package had to be installed with less bees than usual.  Word to the wise, this could happen to you and we won't be able to do much for it.  It's only happened the once, but the recipient wasn't happy, of course.  :-/  We inspect each package upon pick up and you should inspect your package(s) upon delivery.  That's really the best we can do, so please note that when ordering, you are agreeing to assume this liability yourself and hold the LLV harmless.

Please copy and paste the questions below in to an email, fill it in and send to us by February 25 at

Bee supplies may run low and late payment jeopardizes everyone's order!
We will contact you regarding the exact amount due, within a week to 10 days, via reply email.  You must be prepared to send a check right away, the deadline to receive payment is March 5 in order for us to place the order.  We will not order bees that are not paid for.  Please budget for now based on the highest cost shown in the pricing below and you will not be disappointed if/when it comes in lower. 
There are no refunds or cancellations for orders we give the suppliers, so please be sure you are asking for what you want.

EMAIL TO LLV BY FEBRUARY 25 to add on to the group order.

Copy the section below, paste into an email, fill it out and send!

* * * * * * Begin Copying Here * * * * * *
PLEASE copy and paste this format to make it easier on us to record!


Cell Phone (for pick up day)  

I can receive texts on this phone YES / NO
Cell phone provider (so we can email the text to all of you easily)  AT&T  /  VERIZON  /  TRACFONE  /  OTHER (please name)

Daytime Phone (if different)  

Number of Nuc's from Kutik's  
Number and type of Queens from Kutik's  

I may be able to be the driver to pick up the group order of Nuc's in Pamelia or Oxford, NY (large truck or cargo van needed.)
Yes / No  

Number of Italian Packages  
Number of Carniolan Packages  
Number of Saskatraz Packages  
Number of extra Queens from Mann Lake (one comes with each package already) - specify type  

Likely this is covered, but (as back-up) I may be able to be the driver/would like to ride along to pick up the group order of packages in Pennsylvania (truck with a cap or van needed.)
Yes / No

Comments or Questions  

PLEASE put in the Subject Line:
The total # and type of packages or nuc's (and any queens too) + your Name and Cell (preferably)
     Example:    2 Italian Pkg, 1 Queen Joe Blow 315-555-1212
               Or:     3 Nucs Jane Glow 315-555-1212
Send to :-) Thank you!

* * * * * * End Copying Here * * * * * *

Copy the section above, paste into an email, fill it out and send!


Package Bees

Package Bees are guaranteed to contain 3 or more pounds of bees plus a caged mated Queen, and will not have more than one inch of dead bees (when spread evenly across the bottom of the package) upon pickup from the supplier. We've seen nowhere near 1" of dead bees, but that's an acceptable number. Recipients of the package bees from Mann Lake in past years seemed to be pretty happy with the results.  They came in strong and healthy and we are always impressed with their vigor.  Mann Lake is using the same Northern California supplier they have had for years, so we have faith that this year will also be a positive experience.  That said, these are livestock and no one can guarantee anything, but Mann Lake has been good about replacing queens or full packages on the rare occasions they arrived in less than stellar shape.
We likely have a driver set to pick up this order.  If you'd like to tag along, talk to Don Matheson at a bee meeting, or we can put you in touch!

Here is the website for your use,  Anything stated here may be superseded by what they say on their website, so check it out!  If you notice any differences, please tell me and we will share it! :-)

NOTE:  We have rejected the idea of purchasing (sometimes cheaper) packages from the southern U.S., as they are likely to have small hive beetles.  Generally, the beetles don't overwinter well, it's true, but they can wreak havoc during the first year they are installed regardless, and if there's a mild winter...they could hold over.  We also will not be considering bees that come through places like Tractor Supply - if you want those bees, please feel free to get them on your own.

Three Types of Bee Packages Available this Year!
NEW!  Saskatraz (from Saskatchewan, Canada)
See this webpage for details, scroll down to the explanation, ignore the "sold out" info at the top:

The cost is based on * how many we order as a group *, as per below.
There is also a delivery cost that we all share, which is a savings to you - to not have to drive to PA yourself to get them.

The cost for Mann Lake Packages is:

UPDATE 3/8:  We reached the discount threshold, so the lower price quoted below applies!

$175- each
 (not including transport) for 1-19 packages.
This is the most likely price, but there is no guarantee - budget for this higher price!
The 20 or more pricing is $170- each. Keep your fingers crossed!

$175- each
 (not including transport) for 1-19 packages.
This is the most likely price, but there is no guarantee - budget for this higher price!
The 20 or more pricing is $170- each. Keep your fingers crossed!

$180- each (not including transport) for 1-19 packages.
This is the most likely price, but there is no guarantee - budget for this higher price!
The 20 or more pricing is $175- each. Keep your fingers crossed!

Queens from Mann Lake Package supplier
Note that a caged, mated Queen is included in each package but you may also order more seperately.
Usually $35 or under, note your interest (including breed type) on the order form and we'll confirm a price for you.
If you do not specify a breed type we will assume it's of the same type as the majority of your package bee order and assume no liability if that is incorrect.

Kutik's Five Frame Nuc's
The pricing on the nuc's is for 5 Frame nucs.
There are 4 frame nuc's available also, but I'd have to get pricing for you as everyone seems to go with the 5 frame.

UPDATE 3/8:  We reached the discount threshold, so the lower price quoted below applies!

The cost for Kutik's Honey Farms nuc's is based on how many we order, as per below.
1-2 $155 - or $165 if we don't make the quantity price break
3-6 $150 - or $160 if we don't make the quantity price break
 7+ $147 - or $157 if we don't make the quantity price break
Figure on the highest $165 price and you'll be happy when it's less! :-)

Nuc Deposit
There is a $20 per nuc deposit for the return of the box.  You can keep the box and forfeit the deposit if you wish. When you return your box, you get your check back.  This is a separate check, made out directly to Kutiks, not to the LLV.  Your deposit check should be included in with your separate payment check, and you'll be reminded of that when I send the email with your total bill.

Late April pick up/delivery (though they were late last year, it was early May, which is usually fine or even better, weather-wise.)
There MAY also a transport cost that we all share, which is a savings to you - to not have to drive to Oxford yourself to get them.  For the last two years, they've brought them up to Roland Moore's farm in West Potsdam, so we had no transport cost.  It is unclear who or how we will get them this year, but these details will be worked out.  Other years they delivered to Pamelia so we didn't have to go as far as Norwich, but if we do need to go anywhere to get them we will share the gas expense for the driver, in cash upon pick-up.
If we do need to go to Pamelia or Oxford, we do not yet have a driver set to pick up this order - a large cargo van or truck is needed. Drivers are not paid for their time, but the cost for gas is covered entirely.  Let us know if you can help!

Queens from Kutik Nuc Supplier
Each nuc comes with a Queen but you may order more seperately.
Usually $30 or under, note your interest on the order form and we'll confirm a price for you.



1)  Reply now to - copy in the questions above, fill out your answers and send your email by midnight 2/25.
2)  When we've determined what the prices are, based on whether we met price break minimums, we'll send you a "bill" by emailwithin a few days.
3)  Mail your check right away please, to  Local Living Venture, PO Box 736, Canton NY 13617.
     If ordering nucs, one check is made payable to the LLV (for the bees) and another made payable to Kutik's ($20 per nuc box refundable deposit.)
4)  Your check must be received by 3/5.  Checks can not be accepted at the February Bee Meeting since Chelle is out of town.
Update 3/8:  Orders placed after the initial deadline must send full payment immediately upon ordering please.  The LLV does not have funds to pay for your order, and so depends on your check arriving promptly.  :-)

Let's make this thing happen, people!

Bee Happy!
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