Festival Program Specs

Below, please find the advertisement specifications.  If you have a stock ad you currently use that can be sized to the dimensions provided below, please send it to us in jpf or gif format (along with your logo, separately, for use on our webpage of Exhibitor or Workshop/Demonstration listings, if applicable.) 

If you cannot compose a "camera ready" ad for our use, please send us the text you would like to include and a copy of past ads and/or a business card, in order to give us "style" background. 

Only minimal graphic arts services can be included in this advertisement fee, but we will work with you to ensure you have what you want.  If necessary, with your agreement, we will pass along the cost of the graphics service we are using, billed at $40 per hour. 

Full page          1/2 page          1/4 Page       1/8 Page       Mini-Ad
     $275               $150                $80                $50              $25
7.5w x 10h    7.5w x 4.75h   3.5w x 4.75h   3.5w x 2.25h   1.50w x 2.25h

Black & White
"No bleed" (ad must be fully contained within the dimensions given above.)
Please submit as a .jpg if possible.

Deadline for submission is August 25, but sooner is better if possible.
Please enclose payment (along with booth fee if applicable), payable to "Local Living Venture" and noting "Program Ad $ amount" and "Booth Fee $ amount" to assist in our our bookeeping please, to P.O. Box 736, Canton, NY 13617.

Thank You!

Perhaps you wish to consider being a Festival Sponsor?  Many Sponsor levels include a free ad and/or free exhibitor space.

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