Festival Volunteer

Local Living Festival 2015

                      Your willingness to help is very much appreciated! 
BENEFITS:  As a small token of our appreciation, all volunteers completing a two hour shift that day are given free admission to the panoply of Festival workshops, exhibits, demonstrations and activities.  (Some minor exceptions may apply for vendors charging for face painting, hay rides, etc.).  You will also have access to the Volunteer Hospitality tent for light refreshments.  Annnd, our undying gratitude!

There are two options below - assignments prior to the Festival and those immediately around the day of the Festival. 

Please return the Sign Up Form below noting your preferences for either category. 
Thank You!

Pre-Festival Volunteer Engagement
See "Day-of Festival"  also, below.

____  General On-Site (please see the Volunteer Sign Up below)
____  Poster-Hanging (ongoing, every 2-3 weeks - help with one session or sign up as a 'regular!'
____  Lawn Sign Distribution (distribution in early September and collection immediately after the Festival)
____  Festival Signage (help create in advance and / or set up day-of)
____  Autumn Decorating in the Park (this is a fun one - let your imagination go and design an Autumn wonderscape!  Or, just get some pumpkins and cornstalks donated, that's fun too!)
____  Donations of Bulk Copying or Printing  (this one is always helpful!)
____  Create Festival Program app for phones
____  I am available (for specific small tasks as needed, and only if able; no guilt!)
____  Please note your interests (or any other for ways you can help!)

Day-of Festival
Sign Up Form

Please copy the entire form below into an email, fill in the blanks and send to: LocalLivingFestival@gmail.com
NOTE:  If you are not sure which shifts you are available for yet, please return the form to us with that noted and we'll be in touch as the event grows closer!  We need to know we have you on board, so thank you for letting us know!

I am available to work at the Festival (feel free to check more than one shift!):

___  Wednesday, September 23, sign-making, 6:30-8:30 pm

___  Thursday, September 24, sign-making, 10-noon

___  Thursday, September 24, sign-making, noon-2 pm

___  Thursday, September 24, sign-making, 2-4 pm

___  Thursday, September 24,sign-making, 4-6 pm

___  Thursday, September 24, sign-making, 6-8 pm

___  Friday, September 25, set-up, 2-4 pm

___  Friday, September 25, set-up, 4-6 pm

___  Friday, September 25, set-up, 6-8 pm

___  Saturday, September 26, (day of Festival), set up, 7-9 am

___  Saturday, September 26, 9-11 am

___  Saturday, September 26, 11am-1 pm

___  Saturday, September 26, 1-3 pm

___  Saturday, September 26, 3-5 pm

___  Saturday, September 26, 5-7 pm

___  Saturday, October 3, home tours, 12-4 pm (limited positions needed)

___  Maximum number of two-hour shifts you're willing to work in one day (1, 2, 3, etc. or "all that I checked off")
NOTE:  If you check off several shifts above, we will assume you are willing to work all of them - unless you indicate here the maximum number of two-hour shifts you are committing to.

Assignments I would do (feel free to check more than one task!):

___  staff the Welcome Tent, greet people

___  work in the Hospitality area (where volunteers and exhibitors get refreshments)

___  be a general go-fer (very important!)

___  assist exhibitors (unloading in the AM or to watch their booth while giving a workshop)

___  technology assistance

___  collect entry fees for workshops

___  assist workshop presenters / distribute/collect attendee evaluations / evaluate workshop efficacy

___  assist with set-up and clean-up

___  assist at Children’s Tent (help share various educational activities)

___  distribute and collect evaluation forms

___  promote Zero Waste opportunities

___  anything/miscellaneous

Last But Not Least:

___  I have physical limitations (please note what is most appropriate for you to do, or prefer not to do, if so inclined):
___  Special needs or accommodations you would like to share with us:


Address and Zip:

Home or Work Phone:

Cell Phone (for that day):


Emergency Contact:
(name and phone)

Contact information for others who may be willing to help (we’ll send them a nice note, or call them if no email provided):


Please send to:
The Local Living Festival Volunteer Coordinator will contact you to confirm your volunteer shift and responsibilities or coordinate your assigned hours closer to the event (if you could not decide what shifts to choose.) 
Thank you for volunteering!

Local Living Festival    September 26     9:30 to 5      Canton Village Green

Coordinated in partnership between the Local Living Venture, United Helpers Sustainability Committee & Village of Canton Sustainability Committee
Local Living Venture  P.O. Box 736, Canton, NY 13617   LocalLivingFestival@gmail.com
  315-347-4223  www.LocalLivingVenture.org