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Detailed descriptions of each workshop offered can be found below the grid, by the theme track listed at the top of each workshop title you see within the grid. 





 St.  Lawrence County Historical Assn.


Canton Free Library - Downstairs



Baptist Church - Upstairs


Unitarian Universalist Church - Sanctuary (Upstairs)


Unitarian Universalist Church - Romer Room

Upper PC

Presbyterian Church - Kitchen

Lower PC

Presbyterian Church - Mtg Rm 1

Lower PC

Presbyterian Church - Mtg Rm 2

 Upper PC Outdoor

Presbyterian Church - enter through Upper PC



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Diane Cohen, Finger Lakes ReUse Center
Organizing a ReUse Center in St. Lawrence County

Daniel Greenberg, Earth Deeds

Moving Beyond Carbon Offsetting: Local Solutions to Global Warming



Family Nurse & Nap Space
sponsored by Rainbow Crabtree, Doula Services

Yurt if you're Hurt
First Aid Station
First aid trained volunteer firefighters in attendance on Festival grounds

Kid's Tent
daylong activities! 10am - 4 pm
see Kids and Teens Workshop tracks on the schedule

Game, Book & Toy SWAP!
UU Church 10-3 during the Festival
For drop-offs prior to that day, call 244-3034.
Sponsors: Deep Root Center & UU Church

Farmers Market
on a Saturday!

Community Art Mural
on display in the Welcome Tent! Created by attendees of the 2013 Festival!

Bicycle Skills Course for Kids (and the young at heart!)!
Ongoing throughout much of the day.  The course will provide an opportunity for bicyclists to measure their capabilities and increase their awareness of bicycle laws and the importance of defensive cycling.  Best suited for ages 6 to 14, but adults can toodle along also!

Wood-fired "Earth Oven"
The oven will be undergoing a rehab - help out or watch the progress throughout the day!

Solar Powered Festival "Welcome" Tent
Schulze Constructions keeps us in the power, renewably speaking!
Check out the portable solar array he uses for remote site construction.


Welcome Whistle Serenade
Nancy Klein with eclectic loose cover tunes on her mighty whistle!
10 to 11 am near the Welcome Tent

TAUNY's Contra Tune School
A Sampling of Social Dance Music
Come by to hear some live traditional music by the TAUNY/SLU Contra Tune School, which will again be playing live music for Community Contra Dances this year. You'll also have a chance to sing and dance along, as well as learn about the meeting of different music traditions in the North Country, and how social dance and music traditions in our area have long been connected with rural living skills.
12:15 to 1pm at the Dining Tent

Claude and Ola
Old time southern dance music
on accordion and banjo
1 to 2 pm near the Welcome Tent

Jack Kelley Little Big Band
Don't miss an opportunity to see and hear Potsdam's Jack Kelley Little Big Band -- now in its twelfth year of entertaining!
Facebook.com/JackKelleyLittleBigBand  Potsdam, NY
3 to 4:30 at the Dining Tent



Local Living Festival
~ A Celebration of Resourceful Living Skills~

Saturday, September 26, 2015
9:30 am to 3 pm Exhibitors & Demo's
10 am - 5 pm Workshops

Downtown Canton, NY in the Village Green (Main at Park Streets, 13617)



Workshop Descriptions
by Theme Track

subject to modification and last minute additions

Forest & Woodlot

Conservation Easements:
What They Are, Who Benefits and How

Tom Langen

President, St. Lawrence Land Trust
There are over 200 conservation easements in our region – private property that has some development restrictions for conservation that will last in perpetuity. Federal agencies such as USDA National Resources Conservation Service and the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and non-profits such as Land Trusts and Ducks Unlimited partner with landowners to create conservation easements. How do landowners benefit? How does the environment benefit? How does the community benefit. What are the property tax consequences of conservation easements? What should a landowner consider when buying a property that has an existing conservation easement? These questions will be answered in this presentation. Handouts will also be provided.
Bio: The St. Lawrence Land Trust in a non-profit organization in St. Lawrence County who works with landowners to conserve the environmental, recreational and cultural resources of their property for future generations. St. Lawrence Land Trust Board President Tom Langen is Professor and Chair of Bioloy at Clarkson University. He does research on why land owners initiate conservation easements, and on the benefits if easements to the environment, the land owner, and the community.  stlawlandtrust.org

Managing Your Woodlot for Sustainable Firewood Production
Richard Gast
Cornell Cooperative Extension
Steven Sherwood
New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation

Sustainably manage your woodlot for firewood production while increasing the growth of more desirable trees and increasing the value of your woodlot.

Bio: Richard L. Gast is an Extension Program Educator of Horticulture, Natural Resources, Energy with the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Franklin County.
Bio: Steven Sherwood is a Senior Forester for the New York State Deptartment of Environmental Conservation out of the Potsdam Sub-Office who assists private forest landowners with the management of their woods and achieving their goals.  Steven has been in his current position since January 2008.

Citizen Science: 
Engaging the Community in Monitoring Maples

Dr. Erika Barthelmess

Professor of Biology and Director of Nature Up North Project at St. Lawrence University
Nature Up North at St. Lawrence University
This workshop will introduce participants to Nature Up North and our Monitor My Maple citizen science project, in which community members of all ages are collecting data on the timing of seasonal changes in sugar maple trees, in order to better understand how climate, habitat, and human activities affect the health of these iconic North Country trees. By creating a network of local residents monitoring tree health, we can gain a wealth of information about our local environment. Participants will leave the workshop fully trained to help us collect important data this fall.  The first half of the workshop will be indoors, followed by an outdoor training session.

Bio: Erika Barthelmess is a vertebrate ecologist and conservation biologist, earning a B.A. in Biology at Earlham College and a Ph.D. in Systematics and Ecology at the University of Kansas. She conducted post-doctoral research at Vanderbilt University before arriving at St. Lawrence University where she currently serves as co-chair of the Biology Department and the faculty coordinator for the Conservation Biology major. 
Erika also serves as the Project Director for Nature Up North, an initiative to help foster place-based, environmental connections in the North Country through environmental education opportunities and the web.  
She has spent time in Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Swaziland and has written about the Cape Porcupine, Hystrix africaeaustralis, the largest rodent on the African continent. 
Erika teaches General Biology, Mammalogy, Behavioral Ecology, Vertebrate Natural History, and Conservation Biology and is  active in the American Society of Mammalogists and the Society for Conservation Biology.

What Forest Stewardship Plans Can Do For You
Steven Sherwood
New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation
There are several reasons why you as a woodland owner may need a stewardship plan, whether it’s getting to know your woods better, identifying and helping to achieve your goals, possibly helping you with financial benefits to manage your woods, and more.  Join NYS DEC Forester Steven Sherwood in exploring why you may need a stewardship or other type of management plan for your woods. 
Bio: Steven Sherwood is a Senior Forester for the New York State Deptartment of Environmental Conservation out of the Potsdam Sub-Office who assists private forest landowners with the management of their woods and achieving their goals.  Steven has been in his current position since January 2008. 

Golden-winged Warblers and Young Forest Wildlife:
Managing the Habitat on Your Land to Best Benefit a Declining Species

Linnea Rowse
Field Conservationist, Audubon New York
What is young forest, and why is it so important for Golden-winged Warblers and other declining species? From this presentation, you will learn about the ecology, natural history, and conservation challenges of this species, and opportunities you may have to help conserve it. Linnea Rowse of Audubon New York will also discuss available programs that can help you finance and implement on-the-ground management of habitat for Golden-winged Warblers and other young forest or shrubland wildlife.
Bio: Committed to exploring the intersection of science and conservation, Linnea Rowse joined Audubon New York
http://ny.audubon.orgin 2014 as a Field Conservationist/Project Specialist. With significant experience in avian field study methods and observations, Linnea is helping lead Audubon New York’s Golden-winged Warbler and grassland/shrubland habitat restoration efforts. Prior to joining Audubon, Linnea worked at Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory where she conducted point-count surveys for breeding birds in northern Colorado. Linnea has also worked for more than 10 different field-based research projects, with experiences ranging from banding migrant songbirds on the east coast, the Gulf coast and in the Rocky Mountains, searching for and monitoring songbird nests, collecting data on wintering warbler territories and behavior in Jamaica, and more! Linnea has a Master of Science in Environment and Natural Resources from The Ohio State University, and a Bachelor of Science, Major in Wildlife and Conservation Biology from University of Rhode Island.

Gardening & Farming

Wild Edibles
Zach Gagliardi

North Country Foragers
Learn about wild foods with the one and only North Country Forager!

Bio: Zach is 20 years old and has lived in the north country for 12 years now.  He's been interested in the natural world for as long as he can remember, and has done extensive personal research on the subject for many years of his life. Zach says, "So it stands to reason that a large part of that research was, quite frankly, on 'what grows here that I can eat?'  Lo and Behold, I've come to be able to identify quite a few different edible plants and mushrooms of upstate New York just in the past few years, and it's become a passion of mine ever since.  About a year and a half ago I created a Facebook page called North Country Foragers, so that I could share my knowledge, as well as my experiences, with others who share my interest.  The group now has over a hundred members, many of whom are close friends of mine, and I couldn't be happier.  Every time I spot a puffball, pick a blackberry, or crack open a butternut; I think about how blessed I am to forage, and all the while just enjoy living, in this wonderful place with its wonderful people that we call the North Country..."

Invasive Plant Management for Landowners
Zachary Simek

Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program
Learn how to identify and manage troublesome invasive plants on your property, including Japanese knotweed, garlic mustard, purple loosestrife, and many more!
Bio: Zachary Simek is the Terrestrial Invasive Species Project Coordinator for the Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program (APIPP). He began working with invasive species as a Watershed Steward for the Adirondack Watershed Institute and gained further experience managing terrestrial invasive with the Regional Inlet Invasive Plant Program. In his current role at APIPP, Zack coordinates and implements terrestrial invasive species prevention, monitoring and management programs across the Adirondack Park. He is a 2013 graduate of Paul Smith’s College and currently resides in Lake Placid.

Revolution on Six Legs:
How to Attract and Identify Beneficial Insects in your Garden

Catherine E. Bennett

Even the ‘ugliest’ bugs are beautiful! Come learn which lesser-known, well-known, or endangered insects you should be attracting to your garden, as well as easy ways to identify them.  
Bio:  Cat grew up at Bittersweet Farm, a local family farm that is often seen with their wares at the Canton Farmer's Market.  She is currently is a student at St. Lawrence University.

Growing and Using Herbs in the North Country
John Kordet
Parsley Place Herbs
Displaying 242562_221928487832260_4999765_o.jpgTopics include: The fallacy that herbs are hard to grow and explaining the why's on the key to watering; How to properly harvest herbs, depending on the variety; Cooking with herbs and a free guide to matching herbs with your food; Introduction to little-known unusual herbs; some medicinal uses of herbs. www.facebook.com/ParsleyPlaceHerbs
BIO: John has grown hundreds of varieties of herbs over the years and love sharing and gathering information about them. Many people are afraid to grow herbs, thinking that they are much too difficult, when in reality, they are very simple. There are many simple tricks I've learned, either by being taught first or by my own dumb mistakes. I refuse to hold back any "secrets", as many other growers do. There is so much information to be shared about herbs and passing on what I've learned is my mission.

Growing Good Food - Ask an Organic Gardener
Dulli Tengeler
Birdsfoot Organic Farm & CSA
If you've ever wondered about how organic food is grown, this is the perfect place to ask questions.  Dulli farms at Birdsfoot Farm, an intentional community since 1972. She has a family dairy cow and grows vegetables, flowers, and herbs for the community, a growing CSA, the Canton Farmers Market, the Potsdam Food Co-op and two Grower Co-ops. They work fairly intensively, seeding, weeding and harvesting by hand, and using a variety of cover crops.
Bio:  Dulli Tengeler grew up in Hamburg, Germany, did two years of formal apprenticeship on conventional farms in Germany and studied farming in Witzenhausen, Germany, for four years. She has farmed 2.5 acres at Birdsfoot Farm for 24 years. Her husband Steve and daughter Kira live with her in the solar house they built with hand tools. The community has 6 adults and three children (two in college). Dulli enjoys going to the alternative movie series Cinema 10. In the winter she returns to Germany to visit with her family.

Basics of Bees & Beekeeping
Members of the Local Living Venture Bee Discussion Group
Several members of the Local Living Venture Bee Discussion Group have created a community-led beginner beekeeping workshop - just for you! The Discussion Group is an informal monthly get together held on the last Wednesday of each month - but will meet this month at the Festival instead of on our usual date, in a separate time slot from this workshop, so check your Program!
This brief but comprehensive workshop will present: Resources, Equipment and Gear, a Timeline of a year in a North Country bee yard, the Bare Bones Essentials of keeping bees, Terminology and (if there's time) Biology, Pests & Diseases for the lay person - and then go check out local honey at the Bee Booth out in the Village Green!

Bees & Beekeeping Discussion Group
Members of the Local Living Venture Bee Discussion Group
This Discussion Group is an informal monthly get together that is held on the last Wednesday of each month - but will meet this month at the Festival instead of on our usual date!
It is an informal discussion of all things bees, good for novices as well as advanced, but some knowledge of bees is needed (even just book-learning!)
Novices may want to check out the workshop "Basics of Bees & Beekeeping" that will be held earlier in the day to get up to speed! Plus, check out local honey and chat with beekeepers at the Bee Booth out in the Village Green!

Green Building

Cordwood Masonry Building
Rob Roy
Earthwood Building School

Involves building walls for homes or outbuildings of short logs - called "log-ends" - stacked transversely, much as a rank of cordwood is laid by. The walls are easy to build, inexpensive, beautiful, and have excellent energy characteristics. The presentation is an overview of how to build with cordwood masonry, with a range of examples from a sauna to a 10,000 SF meeting center at Kalamazoo College in Michigan.

A Working Net-Zero Home in Northern New York
Jon Montan
This talk describes the successful construction of and experience with our northern New York home that relies entirely on solar energy to provide our heat and electricity. The talk is aimed at people who are considering a net-zero home.
Bio: Jon retired in June, 2012 after a planning career with St. Lawrence County for over 30 years. His most recent area of interest is the sustainable use of renewable energy resources as we transition away from our excessive reliance on fossil fuels. Jon served as Co-Director of the planning team for the 2015 Clean Energy Economy Conference that was held at SUNY Polytechnic Institute last June.  He lectures at local universities on occasion. His wife and he live in a net-zero home near Canton, NY that gets its entire yearly energy requirement for space heating, appliances and lighting from the sun. He is also an active member of the Unitarian-Universalist Church of Canton.

Timber Framing for the Rest of Us
Rob Roy
Earthwood Building School

Without difficult joinery, homes and outbuildings can be erected by the inexperienced owner-builder using inexpensive commonly available mechanical fasteners. The frame can be infilled with strawbales, cordwood masonry, cob ... your choice. This illustrated talk covers the basics.

Bio:  Rob Roy has been Director and chief instructor at Earthwood Building School in West Chazy, NY since 1981. He has written 14 books on green buildings topics and related subjects.

Lost Arts & Forgotten Skills
See also the many demonstrations taking place on the Village Green throughout the day!

Voluntary Simplicity Circle Workshop
Jenna Joya Blondel
4 Songs
Please join us as we consider the idea and practice of voluntary simplicity. We'll be using the Voluntary Simplicity Discussion Course from the Northwest Earth Institute. We hope to continue the discussion after the Festival in regular "book club" style gatherings, but with shorter readings!
Bio: Jenna Joya Blondel, Ph.D., offers heart-centered, multicultural, Earth-honoring spiritual counsel, ceremony, and energy work. 4 Songs offers Reiki, Mindfulness Meditation, Minister of Walking Prayer, and Pachakuti Mesa Shamanic Practice.


Reviving Winter Roots - Root Cellars (even if you don't have one yet!)
Yvona Fast
Author, Columnist, Cook
Garden Gourmet cookbook author
Tips and tricks, the "why" and "how", advantages and disadvantages of root cellaring, different foods for different styles of cellar (warm/cold), how to improvise if you don't have a cellar - plus some other food storage methods will be discussed if there's time.
Bio:  Yvona Fast is the author of the award-winning cookbook, Garden Gourmet: Fresh and Fabulous Meals from your North Country Garden, Farmers’ Market or CSA. Her weekly column, North Country Kitchen, offers a medley of nutritional information, historical facts, and easy, seasonal recipes that help the reader prepare wholesome family meals and achieve a healthy lifestyle. It has run in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise and Lake Placid News since 2005 – that’s more than 10 years! Her food articles have appeared in dozens of magazines and newspapers, including Adirondack Life, Farming, E, and Home Cooking. For more info about her writing and her other 2 books, go to www.wordsaremyworld.com.


Mindful Meditation
Jenna Joya Blondel
4 Songs
Please join us as we learn and practice mindfulness meditation.


Traditional Mohawk Basket Weaving into the Next Generation
Robin Lazore
Learn about traditional Mohawk baskets and watch a demonstration of traditional basket weaving, using sweet grass and black ash to make wedding baskets, picnic baskets, corn wash baskets, pack baskets, and strawberry baskets.


Singing Work with TAUNY
Camilla Ammirati
TAUNY Director of Research and Programs
In this workshop, we will demonstrate and teach work songs and other interactive traditional music from Celtic and American music traditions that you can quickly learn to join in on singing. We will also talk about how traditional music and rural living skills have long worked together, whether as a way to pass the time and coordinate movement while working, or as a way to celebrate when the workday is done.

Healthy Living

Common Medicinal Plants of the North Country
Adrian Williams

Birch Leaf Botanicals
We will discuss a dozen of the most common medicinal plants growing in the North Country. We'll look at identifying characteristics, explore common uses, and sample a few teas.
Bio: Adrian Williams is an herbalist living in Canton. Trained in both western herbalism and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Williams teaches classes on herbs, offers consultations, and is on staff at Nature's Storehouse in Canton.


What’s Toxic and What’s Not?
Identifying Toxic Chemicals and Healthy Alternatives in Cleaning Products

Dorothy Wigmore
Occupational Health Educator
Occupational Health Clinical Center
Cleaning products have ingredients often with complicated names and technical explanations about why they “work”. Most people think that the chemicals must be “safe” if they’re on the market. Yet many are not tested for toxic effects, especially longer-term ones like reproductive harm, cancer, asthma, or effects on hormones. Too many can affect our health -- now or down the road. And they also can harm our families, our environments, and the people working or living in the spaces where we use them. Learn about some on-line tools to identify toxic chemicals and less hazardous cleaning products or methods. Discuss how these can be used at work or elsewhere.
Bio:  Dorothy Wigmore is a long-time occupational health specialist and educator. She has worked with and for NGOs, occupational health clinics, unions, and universities in her native Canada, the US, and Moçambique, and in a wide array of sectors and workplaces. Most recently, she is an author of the on-line guide: Tools for informed substitution: How do you find safer chemicals for the workplace. It is part of a Canadian project about how to identify toxic cleaning products and less hazardous alternatives. Before arriving in Syracuse, Dorothy worked for four years at a California health and safety non-profit. She spent a lot of time there on green chemistry policies for consumer products, workers right-to-know about hazards on the job, and ergonomic design hazards.


Tai Chi Basics
Master Sean Boutin
North Country Tai Chi LLC

You are welcome to attend a complimentary class and demonstration
 in Tai Chi Basics by Master Sean Boutin. Tai Chi is an elegant Chinese moving meditation that teaches you how to move in a relaxed but focused state of awareness.  This workshop will be held outdoors if weather permits.
Bio: North Country Tai Chi LLC offers year round Tai Chi instruction at our Canton and Heuvelton campus locations.

Animal Energy Healing
Jody Wallace
Soulspa Healing Arts ​
BA, Licensed Massage Therapist, Energy Medicine Practitioner for People and Animals

Jody will be speaking briefly about the Atlas Balancing Therapy and doing a hands-on Sound Code Therapy session.These tools are used in her holistic healing practice for spinal and general health and well being.This can quickly help to alleviate mental, emotional and physical stress, release trauma (also addressing training and behavior issues with animals) and more. There will be a 15-20 minute sound code session for a local dog followed by instruction in a sound code for personal use.

Bio: Jody has a BA, is a Licensed Massage Therapist, and an Energy Medicine Practitioner for People and Animals. 
Jody Wallace has a been helping clients feel better for many years using a wide range of effective therapies for relief of stress and pain, including Massage, Massage Cupping, Craniosacral Therapy, Traditional Ayurveda, Energy Medicine, Atlas Balancing and Sound Code therapy for people and Animals, Plant Spirit and Distance Sessions. 
She has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1997 and energy work practitioner since the late 1980's. She also works holistically with both humans and animal energy medicine for equine, canine, feline and other animal companions. For more info: www.medicinebody.com

Feeding and Moving Your Body Cells for Daily Feel Good Wellness
Paula Youmell
R.N., Wise Woman Nurse, Natural Health Educator, Author
Paula will discuss the importance of a whole food diet and daily body movement to feed your body. This promotes healthy cell regeneration, prevention of disease, restoration of health (this term is an FDA friendly way of saying healing your body), and just plain good vibrant energy every day.​
Bio: Paula Youmell, R.N. is a Wise Woman Nurse, Natural Health Educator, Certified Health Education and Lifetime Wellness/Fitness Teacher, and author who has worked in the areas of holistic health, healing and whole foods for twenty-plus years.She is currently the proprietor of Hands On Health Holistic Healing, and can be found on the web at www.PaulaYoumellRN.com​. Paula has previously presented several workshops in our Nutritious Delicious Workshop Series, as well as seminars for our Whole Health & Healing Academy partnership.

Safety and Awareness for All Ages!  "Recognizing and Avoiding Risky Situations"
Frank Palumbo

American Kang Duk Won Karate
Master Instructor/ Program Director                                                                                                                                                                                                                         This will be an active participation session which offers time for brief discussions of how to remain safer in social and professional settings, school encounters, and while traveling away from home.  The presentation will last approximately 45 minutes.  The event is open to all ages and will address various concepts of "awareness" and "practical self-defense" that are vital in remaining out of harms way or for escaping aggressive situations. 
Bio: American Kang Duk Won Karate has taught traditional martial arts for youth, college students and adults throughout the North Country since 1970.  Local lessons are available in Canton, SLU, Ogdensburg, Heuvelton, Madrid, Gouverneur, Norwood and Malone.                                    

*Visit americankangdukwon.org  for a review of educational topics related to karate, fitness, self-defense and lessons available in this region.

Wrapping You in Good Medicine
Lisa Jock

"Medicine" comes in many forms such as love, laughter, your word, your thoughts, essential oils, mother nature.  Lisa will share useful information about the properties of true essential oils with attendees and sample some of her wares.
Bio: Lisa is an entrepreneur, network marketing professional, Minister, wedding officiant and essential oils educator.


H.O.P.E:  Help Other People Evolve!
(Uevolv Healthy Home: Simple Household Solutions)
Kate Castaldo
Educator and Pro-Rep
Healthy Homes Company/Uevolv
Replace all general cleaning products in your home with one product that not only works, but is toxic-free!   Find out how to use that product for all purposes.  For tough greasy jobs like the grill, wheels, cleaning carburetors, tough stains on carpet, etc., I can share another toxic-free product you can feel good about because it not only does the job and leaves things sparkling, but does not stain or pollute the water that leaves your drains and hoses and enters the environment.  Additionally, Kate offers toxic-free products to wash your hair, body, moisturize, soften, and refresh your skin. 
Bio:  Currently Kate Castaldo is a local educator and a Pro-rep of Healthy Homes Company/Uevolv which is working to educate the public on toxic-free alternative products for the home and body.


The Science of Essential Oils:
How They Work in Your Body, How They Work in Your Life

Melissa Hart
Hart Essential Comforts / Hart Essentials, doTERRA Oils
Learn how essential oils effect the chemistry of your body, and learn how they therapeutically work to promote health and well being.
Bio: Melissa has a masters degree in Alternative Health and Healing from The Graduate Institute and is learning all she can about the therapeutic potential of Essential Oils. She is excited to share what she has discovered with as many people as possible.

Good Eating

Autumn Veggie Prep for the Vegetarian Diet & All Who Want to Eat Good Food!
Paula Youmell
Hands on Health
R.N., Wise Woman Nurse, Natural Health Educator, Author
Join Paula in cooking what is on hand, utilizing seasonal abundance and making raw seasonal salads for Autumn, with a special emphasis on nutritional awareness in the vegetarian diet - but applicable to all who want to eat well! 
Bio: Paula Youmell, RN is a Wise Woman Nurse, Natural Health Educator, and Author in Potsdam, NY.  www.PaulaYoumellRN.com


Happy Meals! or What Do I Do With All These Eggplants?!
Mike Corse
Mushroom Grower at Deep Root Farm and Cook at Nature's Storehouse

This workshop will demonstrate how you can cut down on food waste by using what you have on hand to cook simple, nutritious meals for yourself and your family.
Bio: Mike has been head cook at Nature's Storehouse in Canton for the past four years, where he turns locally grown and organic vegetables into wholesome soups, salads, and wraps.  Mike grows shiitake and oyster mushrooms which he sells locally.  In his spare time he is usually found playing his guitar and singing off key.

Superfoods for Digestive Health
Martha Pickard Palmer

Canton Potsdam Hospital
Learn about foods that can help heal your body from common digestive distress and improve your health.
Bio: Martha Pickard Palmer is a Clinical Nutritionist who joined CPH last year. Martha earned her BS from Cornell University and her MS in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport. She is certified through the Certification Board for Nutrition Specialists (CBNS). She lives locally on her family farm with her husband and two young children.

Healthy Hearth

Making the Most of Burning With Wood
Miles Manchester
Local Living Venture Project Coordinator for Wood Heating

ALERT!!!! Another winter is coming!!!! Staying safe and saving money in equal measure. Strategies for selecting the best (seasoned) wood, prepping stoves and chimneys for regular monitoring and cleaning during the heating season.
The presentation will deal with firewood "seasoning" best practices (including some not very well known characteristics of wood) and wood stove design before and after 1988 (emphasis on advanced technology stoves).  Miles will also discuss rocket stoves if there is interest.
Save yourself 100's of dollars in books and 100's of hours of research time. Check out our "expert."

Bio:  Besides being a long time wood burner (66 years) Miles describes himself an "expert" because he has an obsessive compulsive personality disorder that has resulted in him "scouring" the available books, websites and other literature about all things related to wood stoves and firewood. Miles participated in building the Local Living Venture's rocket stove mass heater, and will be available at his booth and at the workshop to discuss "rocket science" as well.

Using Firewood Efficiently: Rocket Mass Heaters, Rocket Stoves and Starting Fires
Jim Juczak

Woodhenge Self-Reliance Campus
Understanding the science behind burning wood for heat is essential for selecting the right kind of wood burning heater for your home.  Learn about the physical science of fire and how various devices, new and old, can be used for heating your place. A commercial rocket cook stove and brick rocket stove will be demonstrated…participants will also learn how to start a fire with flint and steel.
Bio:  James S. Juczak of Adams Center, NY, is a former shop teacher of 25 years among many other things. Jim and his wife, Krista and their family live at Woodhenge, a 55-acre intentional community (to be featured on the Festival-related Home Tours the following weekend, October 3) with several other families they have invited to live there.  Writing (both articles and books), lecturing on a wide variety of self reliance topics, and inventing are amongst the things he does. He also consults on off-grid energy system design. His first book, The High Art and Subtle Science of Scrounging, has been in print since 2008. His second book, Water Supply Systems for the Homesteader, became available in 2011.

Living Simply

How to Live the Self Sufficient Life
Arielle Acres
Are you having a hard time knowing where to start or what to do next on your self sufficient journey? Join us for this workshop for an outline you can follow to living the self sufficient lifestyle. We include many aspects such as cooking, gardening, heritage animals and working with them, how to make your land work for you, living naturally and much more.
Bio: Arielle is the owner of Arielle Acres, a 520 acre farm located in Macomb that has an apothecary, grows heritage breed livestock, has a vegetable garden and is striving towards the self sufficient lifestyle. Arielle is also the owner of Natures Birth Right Doula Services which provides doula services, childbirth education, blessingway ceremonies, and women's services.

Scrounging: High Art and Low Impact
Jim Juczak

Woodhenge Self-Reliance Campus
Lots of great stuff goes unnoticed and gets thrown away or discarded or left to rot. Jim is busy working on his second edition of his scrounging book.  Learn just a few simple techniques in finding life’s necessities and luxuries for free or nearly free.  Food, building supplies, cars and many more things can be yours for the asking.
Bio:  Jim is known as the "King of Scrounge."  His book "The High Art and Subtle Science of Scrounging" is going into a revised printing. Jim lives with his family at Woodhenge, an ecologically designed community in Adams Center, NY with 5 'green' residences that will be featured on the Festival-related Home Tours the following weekend, October 3.

Eco With Ease:
Homemade Laundry and Dish Detergents

Catherine E. Bennett

A simple workshop on making your own laundry detergents and dish detergents; without SLS,  bleaches, phosphates and glycol ethers. Ingredients and containers are provided, but feel free to bring your own containers if you'd like to take some home!
Bio:  Cat grew up at Bittersweet Farm, a local family farm that is often seen with their wares at the Canton Farmer's Market, and currently is a student at St. Lawrence University.

Panel Discussions (3 sessions)
What the Heck is it? And How Do I Get There?

1)  Land, Shelter and Energy
2)  Water, Food and Finances
3)  Appropriate Technologies, Homestead Based Businesses, Day-To-Day Living and Pitfalls to Avoid

This presentation will take place in three sessions. There will be 6 to 8 experienced homesteaders who will discuss various aspects of the skills and materials needed for successful aspects of living the self-reliant lifestyle.

Presenters:  Aimee Douglass, Rich Douglass, Elisabeth Juczak, Krista Juczak, James Juczak, Bruce Kilgore, Bill MacKentley, Rob Roy, Cherie Whitten, Arielle Wolter

Renewable Small Scale Energy & Appropriate Technology

Solar – Make it work for you!
Scott Shipley
President, Northern Nights Energy, Inc

Participants will learn about the financial, practical and technical benefits of solar electrical systems. This interactive workshop is an opportunity to learn from a pro - all questions welcome!
Bio: Scott Shipley is the founder and president of Northern Lights Energy, Inc., a solar electric system design and installation firm located in Canton, NY since 1996. Northern Lights Energy installs residential, small commercial and municipal solar electric systems throughout St. Lawrence County.Scott was a Senior Energy Analyst for Taitem Engineering, Ithaca, NY, conducting energy efficiency studies and trainings all over NY for multifamily homes, hotels, commercial businesses, farms, and mixed-use buildings. He helped Taitem Engineering launch their solar design and installation division.
He previously helped found Community Energy Services in Canton, NY; a not for profit dedicated to providing energy efficiency education and services to the North Country. As Director of Technical Services he oversaw all energy efficiency services to homes, farms and businesses. In this role he held several national certifications from the Building Performance Institute in energy analysis of building structure and heating systems.
He has conducted numerous presentations and trainings dealing with energy efficiency, energy efficiency analysis, solar installation, safety and design, and sustainable development through solar deployment. He holds a B.S. from Cornell University and a certificate in Electrical Construction from SUNY College of Technology at Canton. He holds a certification in solar electric system installation and design from NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners). He lives in Canton, NY with his wife and two children in a home powered by solar electricity.


Financial Incentives for PV and Solar Hot Water.
John Charamella
Get Solar Solutions/North Country Sales rep for Apex Solar Power
This talk will share examples of what someone can expect to receive for NYSERDA rebate/grant money and Federal and State Solar Tax Credits, as well as Solar Leasing and funding sources.
Bio:  John Charamella has been working in the alternative energy field for 40 years. He has extensive knowledge in Solar Hot Water as well as on and off grid Solar PV systems. He also specializes in wood stove hot water systems.

Hunting & Fishing

Basic Fly Fishing Technique and Methods 101 & 102  (two sessions)
Eric Hanss
Basic Fly Fishing Technique and Methods 101
This session is designed for participants who are curious about fly fishing as a recreational past time. Participants will learn the basics of the sport, including basic entomology, fly selection, how to read a river, and fly presentation.
Basic Fly Fishing Technique and Methods 102
This session is designed to be a transition from theory to practice. Basic casting techniques will be covered.
Bio:  Eric Hanss has been fly fishing since he was 8. It has been an endless source of joy and a way for him to connect with nature, and he wants to help others discover their passion for fly fishing.

Small & Local Business

The In's and Out's of Starting a Home Based Business
Michelle Collins
Advanced Certified Business Advisor
Have you ever wanted to start your own business? Now you can learn how! Topics covered will include: the benefits and challenges of home based business, basic start up steps, and management of your home based business.
Bio: Michelle has been a business advisor at the SUNY Canton Small Business Development Center (SBDC) since 1999. As an Advanced Certified Business Advisor, she assists aspiring and existing entrepreneurs through the many challenges they face on a daily basis. She also conducts training and seminars on a variety of small business topics and previously taught Small Business Management as an adjunct instructor at SUNY Canton for five years. In 2003 she received the New York State SBDC’s State Star award and was also honored with the agency’s Lead by Example award in 2007.


From Zero, to over 200 Miles Per Gallon - Twice!
Jerry Bartlett / "Crazy Jerry!"

An unforgettable presentation about the backyard do-it-yourself diesel sports car called "Centurion". From its design, creation, and stunning 200+ mpg back-to-back wins at the 2014 and 2015 Green Grand Prix, Centurion is the modern day "Little Engine that Could." Also includes a small "plug" for the always notable Crazy Jerry home tour the following weekend.

Bio:  Using the defunct electric entrance cable as a clothes line, CrazyJerry has lived off grid for well over a decade in the small town of Colton, NY. This year he's taken "Crazy" to the streets with a 200 mpg Kubota powered diesel sports coupe called "Centurion". If "crazy is" as "crazy does" you won't want to miss the Centurion exhibit and workshop at this year's
Local Living Festival!


PLEASE NOTE:  The Local Living Festival and the coordinating partners cannot necessarily endorse all viewpoints, products or services that may be represented at the Festival; while we believe the presentations to be of interest to the general public, it is up to you to exercize good judgement in this regard.

The Local Living Festival is held on a sesquiennial basis, every eighteen months, to catch both the Autumn and Spring skill-sharing seasons.
Following Festivals will occur on April 29, 2017 and then again on September 29, 2018.

Local Living Festival * September 26
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