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Thank you for your interest in our work!  The Local Living Venture presents workshops and events in partnership with local people, who have expertise to share, as part of their mission to contribute to a healthy and more capable citizenry in the North Country region.  You may also wish to click this link to view our Full Events Schedule.



Tiny House Build * Pollinators * Green Home Tours * Botanicals Pressing

Hello Friends!
Join us for some of our Fall Resourceful Living Skills events, Home Tours and and special Pollinator Protection programs!

This week we feature:

Building a Tiny House

Saturday, October 6 thru 8  *  Adams Center
Weekend-long hands on event

Topics that will be covered include:
DOT regulations
Building codes
Basic wood framing 
Finish carpentry
Solar electric power
Basic electrical wiring: AC and DC
Basic plumbing supply and drains
Composting toilets
Scrounging supplies
Finding land
...and your questions!

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25th Anniversary
Renewable Energy & Green Building Home Tours
Saturday, October  15  *  10 am to 5 pm, St. Lawrence Valley

       Three tracks - three regions!
   St. Lawrence and Jefferson County
          + NW Adirondack sites

OFF GRID  Many off-grid home energy and homestead systems will be featured.  A multitude of building styles, heating options, energy sources, water systems, solid waste systems, root cellars, cooking innovations, outbuildings of interest, unusual garden features...much more!
GRID TIED  On-grid Northern Lights Energy
and Apex Solar homes will be toured as a special track for the first time - gain feedback from homeowners on how it works, how they like it, how much it costs/saves!
GREEN HOME/STEADS  Featuring homes that don't have renewable energy components but otherwise have unique building techniques or other simple living elements of interest.

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Build a Botanicals Press & Demo * Homestead Potluck & Farm Tour!
Saturday, October 21 * noon to 4 pm  Macomb NY

Bees & Bee Keeping Discussion Group
Wednesday, October 25  *  7 pm  Canton NY

A place to learn and to share the art and skill of keeping bees!
Please s
ee details at link in the title above.

Build an Earth Oven
Oct 28 thru Oct 29 
*  Adams Center NY
Weekend-long hands on event


Much more in the works - including many special workshops dedicated to
Check in with us to see how you can help our pollinators!

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Send email to or call (315) 347-4223 to reserve a spot.
Please note the workshop name,  number in party, contact phone number(s) and email address when reserving.
To sign up for HOME TOURS see the To Register link at this page.
Email confirmation with location, directions, and FAQ will be sent to all registrants within 24-48 hours.

THANK YOU for your interest in our work, and we hope you will join us at one of our fun and educational events!
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   T h e   L o c a l   L i v i n g  V e n t u r e
Sharing Knowledge from the Past  ~  Building Skills for the Future

Coordinating near-weekly Resourceful Living Skills Workshops, community events and information exchanges - sharing traditional rural and simple living skills for a healthy and capable community.
We collaborate in presenting these life-long learning events with generous community members who have skills and knowledge to share.

The Local Living Venture is coordinated entirely by volunteers.
With a small staff, and your support, we make big things happen!

Serious Fun * Delightful Education
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