Local Living Festival Collaboration

Local Living Festival

A Collaborative Community Project

September 26, 2015
Canton Village Green


A Collaborative Community Project
a project of the
Local LivingVenture
in joint venture with
United Helpers and the Canton Sustainability Committees


Collaborate as a Community Partner

We invite your group or enterprise to be a part of this joint venture as an officially designated Community Partner!


The organization or business interests must dovetail with the Festival goals in a significant way, as determined by the joint venture coordinating group. 

Option 1.) You can commit to a single theme track that is topical to your organization's interests and cover it in these important ways:

  • Create Educational Exhibits and/or recruit Vendors (not-for profit or commercial enterprises) related to the theme
  • Create or recruit presenters for 1-3 Workshops topical to your thematic area
  • Create Demonstrations or recruit Demonstrators to share skills with Festival-goers
  • (optional)  Fundraising to help cover Festival expenses as you go about doing the items listed above.

For instance, Nature's Storehouse has taken on the Health & Wellness portion of the Festival by coordinating workshops, exhibitors and demonstrations related to this theme track of the Festival.


Option 2.)
    Create or assist in set up of communication, administration, infrastructure, grounds keeping or other areas of the Festival. 

For instance, the North Country 350 Alliance is coordinating the Zero Waste portion of the event (providing composting and Casella Waste recycle bins for Festival-goers, with concurrent education for 'consumers' at the Festival, as well as sharing guidelines with vendors to eliminate waste proliferation.)

Your group could take on creating posters, do a fundraising project, create the on-site signage needed, take care of hospitality for public meetings, designing the Festival Program, organizing a postering brigade, soliciting donations, or so many other vital projects!
Perhaps you have a person on board with skills in PR, display building, merchandising cool but useful stuff, etc.  We need you, too!



  1. You will be listed as a Community Partner helping to create this event in all electronic and print media, Festival Programs, e-mail blasts, Facebook Posts and much more.
  2. Where appropriate, a webpage concerning the "theme" or "area of concern" would be created on the Local Living Venture site.  Full credit (and links) would be given to all Community Partners working on a specific topic, so that this resource could be something your group can be proud of and share with others, to aid them in learning more about your special topic and the work of your organization, if applicable.
  3. Free booth space to represent your organization or business at the Festival (a $10 to $75 value.)
  4. Groups or businesses contributing significantly in their theme area will have the option to have a "theme pavilion" (likely consisting of vendors and demonstrations) named in their honor, providing instant recognition for Festival attendees of your efforts and accomplishments/endeavors.
  5. You will achieve the satisfaction of having participated in a truly community-building endeavor - helping your friends, neighbors and constituents to realize a more resilient, healthy and resourceful base of people and skills in our extended community.

Don’t worry though! You don’t have to go it alone… Our Festival Community Coordinators will work with you sharing our local contacts, providing you with basic forms, guidelines and systems that are already in place, and providing guidance or whatever you may need to be a successful partner in this endeavor!  Contact us for details at LocalLivingVenture@gmail.com!

Here are some of the current Theme Tracks we seek Community Partners to take leadership in.


    Food - Cook * Eat * Preserve * Dietary
    Small-scale Renewable Energy
    Appropriate Technology
    GardMenu settingsNot in menu(active tab)ening & Farming
    Hunting & Fishing
    Forestry / Woodlot
    Health & Wellness
    Healthy Hearth (wood heat)
    Green Building
    Living Simply
    Animals / Milk, Meat and Fiber
    Dirty Work (bio-diesel, tractor repair, bike maintenance, etc.)
    Lost Arts / Forgotten Skills
    Women's Skills Building
    Small & Local Business * Buy Local
    Town - Home & Apartment Dwellers Concerns
    College & Dorm Dwellers Concerns
    Community Arts
    Children & Young at Heart + Teens & Young in Spirit!

More Theme Tracks may be added, as appropriate.
There are also many more overarching projects to choose from, such as:

   Festival hospitality
    Autumn decorating in the park
    Set-up and break-down
    Making and/or hanging posters
    Printing (two-sided always, of course!)
    Festival Program creation
    Lawn sign discbursement (around Labor Day) and collection after the Festival
and much more!

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