Nuisance Honeybees


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  We maintain a roster of local beekeepers who will remove bees. 
  Beekeepers are only interested in removing actual honeybees.  Our beekeeper friends do not charge for this service unless the nuisance bees are not honeybees.  In this case, they may ask for a nominal trip fee, to be determined and agreed upon in advance based on time and mileage. 
  Please use the pictorial guide below.  If the nuisance critters are not honeybees, you will need to contact an exterminator.
  Please note, beekeepers will not remove bees that have been sprayed with pesticides, since they will not have a healthy colony to set up in a hive.

  Please thoroughly review all information below, including your responsibilities and liabilities.


So you have a nuisance bee problem...

Based on their proximities, both indoor and outdoor colonies can pose a disturbance for humans, but no need to panic!  Our beekeepers may be willing to collect these for you in NY's St. Lawrence Valley region
Please thoroughly review the information below FIRST, including your responsibilities and liabilities.
Contact us at both and at (315) 347 4223, so we can respond as quickly as possible.  We are volunteers and can't check in constantly, so please contact us in both ways.

What NOT to do...
Once a colony is permanantly established, bees will become territorial and more aggressive, so we don't recommend extermination procedures by homeowners, especially if you're unfamiliar with handling bees.  Do not spray.  We advise against insecticide use as an immediate option - beekeepers absolutely will not take any bees that have been sprayed with chemicals.  Please note that a large colony (and when they're in your walls, it's difficult to know how large they are) absolutely will not be killed by your can of bug spray, it may only knock the closest part of the hive back a bit.  In the meantime, if you've sprayed, you have lost the option for free removal!

Here's some general information on the effects of pesticides on pollinators, with options and resources for limiting or eliminating the use of pesticides in your home environment.

What to do...
We recommend contacting us to have one of our local beekeepers give a helping hand!  Generally free of cost if the nuisance bees are indeed honeybees, these experts may be able to remove the colony from your home while keeping our pollinators alive.  Once the colony has been removed, it is important to discard even the tiniest scraps of remaining honey or comb, which otherwise have potential to attract bees and insects back to your home.  You will also need to be prepared to repair the damage that will inevitably be done by bee removal.  See "Your responsibilities..." below.

Free but not without effort...
It is in no way required, but we hope you will consider making a wee donation to help the Local Living Venture's Pollinator and Beekeeping Programs thrive, if you are able!  The cost of an exterminator to kill your bees would likely start at $100, so if some percentage of that came our way we would be grateful.  We are a small and volunteer-run 501(c)(3) non profit organization getting by "with a little help from our friends!"  Mail to LLV, POB 736, Canton, NY 13617 or use a credit card or PayPal here.

Your responsibilities and liabilities...
A beekeeper may be willing to help you remove some of the siding, tree branches or other materials in order to get to the colony.  However, they and the Local Living Venture accept no responsibility what-so-ever for the costs to remove all traces of the colony, clean, repair or reconstruct the premises.  It is incumbent on you and/or the landowner to hire a contractor or otherwise take full responsibility for these costs.  Since all trace of the beehive must be removed in order to prevent re-infestation by a new bee colony this is an expense you would bear with or without the beekeeper, so please be prepared to clean out the hive detritus and patch up the damages that will inevitably occur with nuisance bee removal.  By utilizing this service you agree to indemnify for the work needed and not hold responsible the beekeeper(s), the Local Living Venture, or it's agents.

For very small colonies, or if the hive has spread out to an exceptionally large area (where it would be difficult to open it all up and clean it out) there is the option to skip the "clean-out" and do the best job ever on sealing every crack and gap with caulk or other sealant.  The risk remains that you miss one tiny gap, however...word to the wise that the scent will remain for years and be attractive to other bees in the future.  In the event of re-infestation, we're willing to come get them again but at that point you may have to take responsibility for a thorough deconstruction to clean out the hive materials.

Contact us at and at (315) 347 4223, so we can respond as quickly as possible.  We are volunteers and can't check in constantly, so please contact us in both ways.

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