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Dear Friend,

Thank you so much for your generosity in offering to present a Workshop and/or Demonstration at the Local Living Festival on September 26.  This year's event is shaping up to be an amazing event and your participation will make it even more so!

Enclosed please find a check list of items we need in order to include your presentation in our Festival Program (deadline September 10 but please return as soon as you can.)

Those who offer a workshop or three skills demonstrations during the day can have a free booth space as well if you have anything to sell or represent?  Please let us know what you're thinking - we can send you the Exhibitor Registration if that's applicable, just note it in the form below.

So, yes, here it is...the dreary but necessary "paperwork!"  Please reply as soon as possible. 


Exhibitor Registration (for a physical space to set up a booth) is available at this link, this form is for a 45 minute workshop venue and/or demonstration registration only.

Workshops are 45 minutes long including Q&A, and are held on the hour from 10 to 5.


  • Please note that it is best to COPY THIS FORM (Select All and Copy), drop it into an email, fill in the blanks and send by email to LocalLivingFestival@gmail.com
  • Please do not send a Word document; it creates formatting issues that slow our progress, so straight email is preferable please.  Thanks so much!


Your Name (for publicity)


Your Title


Company / Organization


Home Phone


Work Phone


Cell Phone


Names of Helpers
who need a badge for entry





Workshop or Demo Title
(If you are doing more than one, please cut - and then and paste in below - this PART II section and fill them out separately for each workshop/demo.)

1) length of time approx.
2) is there a component to your demo that requires outdoor space or other special consideration


Website or Facebook Page to link to (if applicable)


Brief outline for publicity - please be brief but thorough so attendees know what to expect from your presentation, include any hands-on activities, resources they may leave with, etc.


Preferred workshop time(s) (if necessary - we can't set the schedule until mid-Sept usually, but will accommodate requests to the best of our ability)


A/V Needs (power point*, white board, flip chart, etc.)
~Note that most, but not all, indoor workshop spaces will have a power point projector. You will need to bring your presentation on a thumb drive only, if applicable.


Demonstrations (is there a component to your Workshop that requires outdoor space or other special consideration.)


Special Needs (times of day you aren't available, kitchen use, electrical, etc.)


Photo(s) of yourself and something related to your presentation(s) -please attach in jpg, gif, tiff or png - not pdf.



Brief Personal Bio for the Festival website and/or Facebook (if you are doing more than one workshop or demo, you may wish to customize your bio for each?)


Displays or exhibits - do you have anything you can share with Festival goers outside of  your presentation (vehicles, animals, "show and tell," etc.)?


Festival Program
Please send me information about advertising in the  ($25-$275)


Yes        or        No

Please Send me the Exhibitor Registration for a table or booth

Yes   or   No   or


I Already Have It

Emergency Contact for you and any helpers joining you - name & phone number please


There is some relevant information here for your use also (geared to Exhibitors and Demonstrators but much of it relevant to Workshop Presenters as well.)  Thanks so much!

Many Thanks,
Max & Chelle
for the Local Living Festival team
Coordinated by the Local Living Venture, United Helpers and the Village of Canton

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