Local Living Venture

Rural Skills Building & Local Food For Local Folks

Encouraging sharing and life-long learning as part of a capable community.
We are working for regional self-reliance, energy independence, environmentally friendly living, and a regionally-oriented community. 
The Local Living Venture envisions a vibrant community and resilient regional economy in the North Country of New York State.
  Our Tools  
Community Education
Rural Skills-Building
Dynamic Infrastructure Development

  Areas Of Concern  
Local Food  *  Grow (garden and farm), Prepare, Nutrition, Preserve, Compost
Clean Energy  *  Small Scale, Renewable, Home Power
Northern Forest  *  Sustainable Practices, Small Woodlot, Healthy Hearth (Fire Wood & Clean Burning Methods)
Green Building  *  Renewable Resources, Reuse, Toxic-Free Materials
Simple Living & Homesteading Skills  *  DIY your life, within the larger supportive community!

Latest News Items!

Spring Has Sprung!

...and we are all delighted. Warm weather means outdoor activities, the beginnings of great food yet to come - or, in some cases, already sprouting and wildly edible! 

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Spring Has Sprung!

Spring is Coming! * Spring is Coming!

It's true that, as of this writing, on February 28, it seems a long way off.  Winter finally decided to make a foray into the North Country with lots of ice and chilly temperatures, but it was long overdue.  Even with this abbreviated season, cabin fever can set in and dreams of summer gardens are luscious!

So, let's talk gardening tips, seed swaps and CSA's! 
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